Speeches & Statements

5/28/2012 The President of Georgia addressed the population in Kutaisi Welcome everyone. The President, Ministers, millionaires and any one of you are all equal from now on.
5/26/2012 The President of Georgia delivered a speech at the ceremonial opening of the Parliament in Kutaisi Welcome everyone! I welcome the MPs, guests, the society of Kutaisi and all of Georgia
5/22/2012 The President of Georgia and the NATO Secretary General held a joint press conference NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen Thank you, good afternoon Mr. President. It’s really a pleasure to meet with you once again, here at the NATO Summit in Chicago.
5/18/2012 Mikheil Saakashvili gave a lecture “Georgian Democratic Transformation: A Test Case for the Post-Soviet World” at the Princeton University Professor Danspeckgruber, thank you very much for the wonderful opportunity to be here.
5/10/2012 Mikheil Saakashvili addressed the public gathered in the Ilia Chavchavadze Museum This idea – to found a Computer Skills Promoting Society, belongs to Giorgi Vashadze and Giorgi has been the driving force of this project too.
5/9/2012 Speech of the President of Georgia delivered at the international conference of the World Tourism Organization First of all, I would like to welcome everyone to the regional meeting of the International Tourism Organization. Certainly, the holding of meetings like this in Georgia is very important.
5/6/2012 The President of Georgia delivered a speech at the parade dedicated to the Police day Hello Gentlemen! I congratulate you with the police day!
5/4/2012 Mikheil Saakashvili: “There are organs, by shutting down of which the organism cannot live – such an organ is Adjara for Georgia”. I welcome everyone. May 6 is the 8th anniversary of Rose revolution of Adjara, the full restoration of Georgia’s jurisdiction in Adjara, and it indeed is a very significant date.
5/2/2012 The President of Georgia addressed the public gathered in the renovated Kutaisi Theater Welcome everyone! We have always been proud of Kutaisi’s past.
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