Speeches & Statements

7/26/2005 President Saakashvili meets with law-enforcements at the constitutional security department Welcome everybody The reason for my coming to the constitutional security department is to thank you on behalf of all Georgia for the historic work you have done. We inherited a totally ruined law-enforcement structure. You probably remember how much sala...
7/25/2005 President Saakashvili meets with Interior Minister and ministries’ representatives I would like to congratulate you on the success of the very difficult operation that you carried out. I would like to thank Batoni [polite way of referring to a man in Georgian] Vakhtang [Zugbaia, head of the special operations department], Batoni Gia [Ga...
7/10/2005 President Saakashvili addresses South Ossetia conference When we first came to power, the first thing we said was that we would make Georgia a proper state and put an end to Georgia's disintegration. At the time this promise led to heated debate and many people said that we were too aggressive.We remember well ...
7/8/2005 President Saakashvili meets Parliamentary majority Welcome everybody.I would like to thank the Parliamentary majority, the Parliament Speaker who is now in the USA and could not manage to be with us, the leader of the Parliamentary majority Beso Jugheli, Mr. Gogi Liparteliani, and each of you for holding ...
7/4/2005 President Saakashvili unveils Zhani Kalandadze auditorium at the Technical University Good evening. I am very pleased to see you all here. It is a great honour for me to unveil the Zhani Kalandadze auditorium at the Georgian Technical University this evening.Zhani Kalandadze was governor of Guria [who was killed in a road accident in May]....
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