Speeches & Statements

4/29/2012 The President of Georgia addressed the public gathered at the new Rustavi Racing Circuit First of all, I congratulate everyone with the opening of the new racing circuit. Driving a sports car is a huge adrenaline rush and I advise everyone to try it.
4/27/2012 The President of Georgia addressed the participants of the Young Scientists’ and Inventors’ Olympiad Welcome everyone! Georgia is an outstanding country in the region in terms of education.
4/23/2012 The President of Georgia addressed the population in Chuberi Welcome everyone – the residents of Chuberi, as well as those from Khaishi.
4/22/2012 Mikheil Saakashvili and Donald Trump made joint statements during the presentation of the Trump Tower project It is truly a big occurrence that the “Silk Road Group” and the Trump Organization are starting to implement this project together.
4/21/2012 Mikheil Saakashvili decorated Donald Trump with the Presidential Order of Excellence We are used to hosting many Heads of State, Prime Ministers and other famous persons, including businessmen, sportsmen, and cultural representatives. However, the person who arrived in Georgia today is a special guest in every way.
4/20/2012 The President of Georgia congratulated the public gathered in Tsinandali on the construction of new hotel It is a very significant and good day today, as the construction of the “Radisson” is being launched in Tsinandali.
4/19/2012 The President of Georgia addressed the students of the new Kobuleti College I am charmed and encouraged by what I saw here. I met with the Norwegian company representative before coming here, who is going to start the construction of the great dam in Shuakhevi and Khulo.
4/17/2012 The President of Georgia congratulated the Georgian nation on the launch of construction of a new cathedral on Makhata Mountain It is indeed a great honor for us to participate in this event together with the Parliament’s speaker, its deputies and the members of the government.
4/13/2012 The President of Georgia addressed the population of Ozurgeti Despite the fact that everyone is preparing to celebrate the Christian holiday – we all are Christians and we have lots of things to do at home, life moves on and we have no time to waste.
4/11/2012 The President of Georgia addressed the personnel of the Military-Scientific Technical Center “Delta” Welcome. It has been awhile since my last visit to this factory and to tell you the truth, it is all greatly improved here.
4/9/2012 Mikheil Saakashvili addressed the representatives of the Georgian Armed Forces Today is the 9th of April. I would like to address the representatives of the Georgian Armed Forces regarding this date, before we pay tribute to the memorial of the victims of April 9th.
4/9/2012 The President of Georgia met with the population of Kazbegi I have not just come here today to open this hospital; first of all, I came here to see you.
4/6/2012 Mikheil Saakashvili made a statement about the imported machinery intended for the agricultural works It is an important day today, as we are fulfilling the promise which we gave to the population in villages and regions.
4/3/2012 Joint Press conference of the President of Georgia and the NATO Secretary General The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili Good Morning Mr. Secretary General. First, I would like to underscore how grateful the Georgian people are for your strong personal stand in support of Georgia.
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