Speeches & Statements

9/24/2010 REMARKS OF H.E MlKHEIL SAAKASHVILl, PRESIDENT OF GEORGIA on the 65th SESSION OF THE UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY THE 65th SESSION OF THE UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 23, 2010 Mr. President, Excellencies, Distinguished delegates, It is always a great honor for me to address the annual general assembly of the United Nations. Ladies and gentlemen...
9/23/2010 Remarks at New York University "Conversations with Global Leaders"Presentation by President Mikheil Saakashvili Introduction Good evening everyone. It is actually a great pleasure to be here. I would like to thank Dr. Alon Ben-Meir for inviting me-I am always delighted to address stude...
9/21/2010 The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili's Speech at MDG Summit Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen it is a pleasure and a privilege to address the Millennium Development Goals, reviews summit this year. As a result of the millennium declaration in the past decade we have witnessed significant changes in the way we ap...
9/13/2010 Mihkheil Saakashvili Attended the Opening of New Cadets Corps in Kutaisi "Greetings! I would like to greet the Minister of Defense, the Chief of Joint Staff, Staff personnel, Archbishop Kalistrate, our great singer Paata Burchuladze and of course our new cadets! After several years of rest we have restored our Cadets' Corps wi...
9/3/2010 The Meeting of the President of Georgia with the Majority Members of Georgia's Supreme Legislative Body in Anaklia I greet you here on this beautiful place of Georgia - Anaklia. I want to tell you that today, when I flew here from Batumi it was cloudy there. The sun always shines, it is incredibly good climate and the best seashore within the scopes of whole country h...
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