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The President of Georgia addressed the society gathered at the ceremony of radar opening in Poti


Today we are fulfilling an ordinary promise. Together with the French side we are opening a new, modern radar that not only will control the air space in a better way, but at the same time will base a foundation to Poti new, big international airport.

Our vision of Georgia's future, modernization plan of Georgia by 2015 means that Georgia would have twice as much income as it has now per capita; it also means that more than 5 million tourists will visit Georgia by 2015 and I am assuming that all our port-system will get fully activated.

Port of Poti would become a main gait from the countries of Northern China and Middle Asian Countries in the direction of Europe. Poti will become a 100 percent employment city and we would even have deficiency in finding cadres. The state would do everything for the development of country. Our aim is not speaking about 10, 20 and 30 years projects. Our aim is to activate Poti International airport by 2012. It will be an airport that would be able to operate in any weather conditions.

Poti airport would serve and cover Batumi airport despite the fact that there is an airport in Batumi as well. However we will have bigger departure line in Poti. We are assuming that in 2012 more than two million tourists will visit Batumi and places nearby.

Poti will also cover Mestia, which will become the most famous and successful skiing resorts minimum in Eastern Europe.

Poti airport will also cover Anaklia that is on 15 km drive from here. A road will be constructed from Poti to Anaklia as well and Anaklia will be the most developed sea resort in Georgia and in 6 countries of black-sea region. This is a challenge that we will receive and would do it as well. We will do it all by 2012 and in 2013 this complex will end fully.

So, it means that Poti airport has a strategic importance and it will serve the development of future Georgia - Georgia is a country of future.

Georgia is a country that that has a great past and great traditions. There are just few countries that have not only such a great past, but also has firm warranties of a great future. We hope that next year we will activate Kutaisi airport as well.

We will have many air companies flying here. We will also try to have the cheapest prices from the existing choices, because it conditions the flow of many more tourists. Georgians will also use these opportunities and will be moving easily from one place to another and it will give much more perspectives to Georgian economy.

In parallel to this next year huge investments are planned in Poti. You know that we are planning to open a big construction projects nearby. Not only trade and logistics infrastructure will be constructed, but new hidroelectic stations as well. The construction will start this year and it will widely spread by next year. Several thousands of persons will be employed there and what's most important it is an investment worth of billions of USD that will activate the industry in real.

We are assuming to construct several enterprises and factories and we already have some agreements and obligations in this regard. So, despite the fact that in this city we still have many social problems Poti as the warrantor of our economic success and symbol of the development of our country would raise and become successful.

I want to specially underline the fact of cooperation that we have with French side. After our radars were bombed in Tbilisi - French people installed new radars in about three or four months. I have never heard about a program that was fulfilled in such a fast manner, among them in our country, we do everything in pretty fats way. It is very important that French side worked on this project.

Our colleagues have huge plans of Georgia's infrastructure's modernization.

France has one of the best infrastructure and engineering experience throughout the whole world and probably France helps Georgia more than any others in modernization exactly in this direction. 

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