Speeches & Statements

8/29/2012 Statement by the President of Georgia A well-armed, and as it appears, well-trained group appeared near the Georgian-Russian border in the direction of Dagestan-Chechnya.
8/28/2012 Mikheil Saakashvili addressed the society gathered at the Kutaisi Airport First of all, I congratulate you on St. Mary’s Day! I also congratulate you on the opening of this runway, while in few weeks I will congratulate you with the opening of this airport.
8/25/2012 The President of Georgia congratulated top students with enrollment to universities I welcome everyone. You are the top 150 students across Georgia – the leading new generation in Georgia, in terms of study.
8/22/2012 The President of Georgia addressed the population in Gordi I welcome everyone! I welcome people from Khoni, Gordi, and the candidates for our deputies in the Parliament.
8/21/2012 Mikheil Saakashvili: “We are doing everything in order to open up a road towards a better life to your generation!” I welcome everyone! It has indeed been a very good program and I am glad that it was made possible.
8/20/2012 The President of Georgia presented Giorgi Baramidze as the Majoritarian Deputy candidate for Batumi I welcome everyone. We have visited every district of Batumi today, which still have not been affected by the ongoing reconstruction in this city.
8/19/2012 The President of Georgia addressed the population in Bakhmaro, Guria For those who have never been to Bakhmaro, I would like to say that it is one of the best places I have ever seen in the world.
8/17/2012 The President of Georgia addressed the public gathered at the Bagrati Cathedral Basically, a dream of my childhood has come true today. The father of my great grandfather Nikoloz Tsereteli, Joseph, was a Pastor, an ecclesiastical judge and served in Kutaisi for a fairly long time.
8/16/2012 Mikheil Saakashvili – “The Rabat fortress is the real crown of our reconstruction” First of all, I would like to welcome our Olympic gold and silver medalists, who are here together with us today.
8/15/2012 The President of Georgia addressed the population of Rustavi I cannot disregard saying that I arrived to you on very good road and illuminated streets.
8/12/2012 The President of Georgia and a United States Senator addressed the public This is a very important and one of the first and biggest American investments implemented in Georgia.
8/12/2012 The President of Georgia: Our Didgori still lies ahead of us! Welcome everyone! Look, how many of us there are on this field!
8/8/2012 The President of Georgia addressed the public gathered at the Poti port
Welcome everyone. I welcome the family members of those who died here four years ago:
8/7/2012 The address of the President of Georgia in the David the Builder National Defense Academy We have all gathered here in Gori, in the military academy, which was once flattened to the ground and is now restored again.
8/4/2012 The President of Georgia addressed the population in Beshumi I do not remember so many of us gathering here on the day of Shuamtoba. As a rule, many people celebrate this day, but there is a particularly great number of people here this year.
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