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Statement by the President of Georgia regarding the arrest of a Russian civil activist Aleksei Navalni


Alexei Navelni was arrested by decision of a Russian court on charges of swindling. Charging the main fighter with corruption and swindling of Putin’s regime; swindling is a classical expression of a cynical nature of the current official Russia. However, not only will this not kill the fight of the Russian people for freedom, but it will intensify this fight.

I am sure that very soon the Russian people personally, especially the new generation raised in modern conditions – a grown new generation, will reach fundamental changes and Russia will turn from an unstable aggressor of the region to a free country and a desirable partner for neighbors.

The current non-democratic governance of Russia is not only interfering with development of the country by using blackmail and frightening methods internally and abroad, but is ruining the trust in Russia, and turning Russia into a marginally uncomfortable partner.

I am sure that a free and democratic Russia will be a desirable partner for many neighbors as well as for the entire international community. Neighbors will no longer avoid such Russia but they will cooperate with it enthusiastically and make dense political, economic, and human ties within a cordial neighborly relationship.

I once again express great outrage regarding the unjust arrest of a famous Russian civil activist, and I express hope that freedom and progress will finally be celebrated with the effort of people in Russia as well as in our large region.

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