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The President of Georgia made a statement regarding the occurences in Turkey
I would like to respond to developments in Turkey and express my deep sorrow over the recently developed tensions. Now when with the brilliant leadership of Prime-Minister Erdogan, Turkey is on the path of fast and sustainable development, splitting and polarization of the society is in the least interest of the country.    
Turkey is not only a model of democracy and development but it is one of the most important guarantors of stability in the region, and it is in the interest of the entire region that Turkey continues to develop rapidly and steadily.
Hopes for the entire region are directed towards Turkey today. In our complex and tension-filled time it is of vital importance that the region has a strong leader who will be a symbol for a better future, not only for his own country, but also for the entire region. It is first of all a merit of Prime Minister Erdogan that Georgian-Turkish relations are progressing dynamically.
My deep conviction is that Prime-Minister Erdogan is one of the most important leaders in the contemporary world, and I strongly believe that the Turkish community will find resources necessary for a compromise and there again will be civil accord, and for a long time Turkey will be the state that gives hope for future to the neighbors as well as to the entire world.   
With great respect for the Turkish people,  
Mikheil Saakashvili   

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