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Speech of President of Georgia on the Oath Ceremony of the State Guard Special Service Conscripts

I greet you all!

Today you officially became members of the Armed Forces of Georgia. 

This is an extraordinary honor, privilege and your success, happiness and welfare, after all, is the matter dignity of the State of Georgia, as well as the matter of your personal dignity.      

Our country is fighting for its existence. Much bigger country has announced war with us and occupied important part of our territory, stepped on the rights of our compatriots, human dignity, including the right to live and every day threatens the State and freedom of Georgia.   

There are the words in our anthem "Today our freedom" and all of us knows that today our main value is the freedom and the freedom of Georgia is threatened. You are the first defenders of this freedom.    

Tow years ago our Armed Forces were not scared to fight with the enemy that was bigger than us and fought with this enemy as it happened many times through the history of Georgia.  

The fact that there is the Capital in Georgia; the fact that Georgia goes on with its development; the fact that Georgia raised like Lazarus despite nobody in the world believed it, first of all is the merit of those boys fallen in action and stopped the superior enemy forces even for several days.    

Thus, the development of our Armed Forces is the most important for surviving of our country, for development of the economy of the country, for the future of our children. 

You know that the authority of the Armed Forces in Georgia today is high as never before. When you walk dressed in this uniform in your neighborhood, in your district, in your village, any where in Georgia, everybody will treat you with respect.   

You started a very good thing. 

The Armed Forces of Georgia is the most trustable institution in Georgia and its authority is one of the biggest with the population among the Armed Forces in the World.  

This is very important, as nothing expresses the merit and respect of those wearing this uniform as the support of the people and love of the people.    

We have to understand that your unit accomplishes very important, specific tasks.  

The force opposes us that has occupied part of territory of Georgia and is ready for everything. It has already tried everything. It has tried economical and energy embargo, but received the contrary.   

It has tried to perform many armed provocations - bombing, explosions, but Georgia did not step back and did not leave the way of development.   

It has tried to make mass internal disorder, political destabilization. The democratic political system of Georgia sustained it as well and became stronger. 

Finally it has tried a large scale intervention massive aimed to the fall of Georgian Government not speculatively but declaratively, end of the independence of Georgia and final enslavement of Georgia.      

Of course as we all know he couldn't make it - our flag flies here today, you are standing here today and the development of Georgia continues. In regards with Georgia they couldn't reach any single strategic goal.

Recently they tried to arrange various diversions. We have declared we are ready to cooperate with, among them with the occupants of Georgia during the investigation all these acts.

You saw that we received bitter responses from them and this strengthened our assumptions regarding the organizers of all this acts on the territory of our country against peaceful population of our country.

You know it pretty well that this force and specifically their leader is getting specialized in political violence and political assassinations in many countries are connected with his name.

When they tried everything against Georgia the only action which is left is a direct political terror, direct physical reprisal, more than that this very leader two years ago publicly made an oath to be hared all over the world that he would do it in regard with Georgia, he neither hid nor denied it, he declared that he will do it and it is a matter of his dignity.

This is why, my friends, just because the line of defense goes here as well, we must be quiet in order to respond to these hysterical threats quietly and cold-bloodedly. At the same time we have to be sober and must show our professionalism, we have done it before and we will do it in future. Our obligation and the level of responsibility is that none of the evil plans against the fundament of Georgia's statehood, which is thought of against Georgia - not to be realized.  

We are responsible for this, each of you together with me before our families, our country, our children and their future.

Once again - it is great honor to serve together with you because we have one common job and generally in life.

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