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Address by President Saakashvili at the Institute of Manuscripts

Welcome, everybody!

Institute of Manuscripts is of scientific and cultural importance for Georgia.

Korneli Kekelidze State Institute of Manuscripts is a unique scientific organization, where the main treasure of the Georgian nation is stored and by which we can surprise the whole world.

Manuscripts from the fifth century to the renaissance, which are unique in whole Europe, are kept here. The oldest Jewish, Arabic and Byzantine scientific treasure, as well as the treasure of all various epochs, is also kept here.

Support to the science is our main priority.

Members of my family are scientists and I know well what does appreciating and not appreciating a scientific work mean.

We increase financing scientific researches every year. Unfortunately, scientists don't receive salaries equal to the minimum salary. This is not the government's fault. It is due to the sabotage of one part of the Academy of Science.

As soon as the institutes are established as a legal entity of public law, the minimum salary, based on my decree, in this sphere will amount to 115 lari.

This is our decision and we have funds for it.

We intend to increase financing scientific researches. At the same time a competitive environment should be created.

Those scientists who will leave the academy because of their health will receive additional scholarship from the government for five years.

We want to show the whole world our manuscripts.

We made a decision to restore and improve the material-technical base of the Institute of Manuscripts. It is absolutely impossible to have such coldness here. We will take care of it.

In the center of the city a branch of this institute will be established where the manuscripts will be displayed and people will have proper conditions for scientific work.

A new, modern and beautiful museum will be built in Tbilisi. We will find funds for that. We highly value our Culture and cultural heritage. Whoever says that there is a great misery in the country and there is no time for restoring the buildings, we will do it.

I would like to sign a presidential decree in order to improve the functioning of the institute and its material-technical base.

In the center of the city construction of the institute's branch will start and main construction works will finish in one year period. In that building exposition and research rooms will have all the necessary high-quality equipments for keeping and exposing the treasure. This will enable us to attract more foreigners and funds at the same time.

Under Communists and the previous government these museums were like cellars. I would like to thank each of you for taking care of these treasures.

It was Zurab Zhvania's great wish that the Institute of Linguistics had an appropriate building in the center of the city. I give you a promise that the scientific branch of the Institute of Manuscripts will be one of the most beautiful buildings. I will fulfill this promise and all the other promises because my greatest desire is to ensure that, after my presidential term expires, the Georgian science and culture is highly valued and promoted

This is my ambition and we will achieve it together.

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of the President of Georgia

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