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Remarks by President Saakashvili at the Security Council meeting

What has happened today is the scenario by which we have been menaced for a long time.

We have been preparing for this situation. This was a catastrophic scenario, which they could easily accomplish - simultaneously disrupting energy and gas supplies.

If it had happened under Shevardznadze's government every household, every hospital, operation theatre and police departments would have been in blackout and the Georgian economy would have been fully paralyzed.

Those people who have committed this act are frustrated. Such dreadful scenarios will no longer be accomplished in Georgia.

They have committed an act of vandalism.

In Soviet period Georgia received gas and electricity via Azerbaijan. The same thing will happen today.

We have said that Georgia would receive gas as it used to be in Soviet times - from Iran via Azerbaijan. We should restore this route.

We should start receiving electricity from Turkey. We have signed a contract with Turkey based on which Adjara receives electricity without any problem.

While repairing the pipeline we should be able to work with Azerbaijan, whose people brotherly share with us everything they have. We work in a concurrent mode with Azerbaijan.

As soon as inner lines are repaired we would not have any deficit.

One who simultaneously pushed the button in South Ossetia and Karachay-Cherkess, could not manage to achieve their real intentions, because the whole world rose against it.

We informed the whole world about the incident since morning. This was the main news in all the leading TV companies.

Today I visited an orphanage. Tomorrow we should get interested in everything.

We should not have similar disruptions because people got used to having good electricity supplies and have forgotten how they had been living a year ago.

People easily get used to good life and tend to forget bad things easily. We have achieved it by minimizing corruption and sending people like Mirtskhulava and Molashvili to prison.

I wish that we never had disruptions like this.

If we had a reservoir like the one Armenia has, and if Shevardnadze had taken care of it, we would not have suffered the similar problem.

By the next fall we should hasten implementation of Shah Deniz oil project. We should work with other partners and continue ensuring international guarantees in order not to become the victims of unpredictable outcomes.

Today the whole world was alarmed because we are talking about the energy regime which is very frightening for the whole world - when the supplier is very irresponsible and unpredictable.

Last year our energy lines had been blown up. Such acts will no longer be committed on our territory because we have established order in the country. This year they have blown up the pipeline on the territory they have access.

Our aim is to build a system that would exclude all the possibilities of disruptions.

Fare distribution of electricity is a very important issue. Energy interruptions should equally affect all the districts and regions.

Georgia is not the country which can easily be hit by anyone. The most important thing for us is to get hold of the situation and not to allow the excesses to happen.

Tomorrow we will open a new gas turbine in Gardabani.

We have no right to relax. We will follow the schedule.

Tomorrow we will continue informing the international community. The time has changed, one can't drag Georgia in a black corner and oppress it.

We have our own dignity and we have learned how to protect it. Life should continue in its usual due course.

We can control the situation and in few days, with the help of our friends, we will be able to achieve full improvement.

From tomorrow everything will come out of darkness and Tbilisi will be the city of light.

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