The President of Georgia familiarized himself with Anaklia infrastructural projects

The President of Georgia visited Anaklia today and familiarized himself with local infrastructural projects. Mikheil Saakashsvili expressed interest in the construction process and inspected the ongoing and finished projects. The Head of State toured an artificial turf soccer field, which complies with all international standards while having a capacity for 1000 persons. As the President noted, Anaklia will become the best place in terms of hosting soccer competitions.

“This place has an ideal climate; hence it is ideal for our teams as well as for foreign teams to visit. There was a base here during the Soviet times, but they didn’t use this place for anything. Ganmukhuri has gained a purpose. Hotels will be built around here. For now the stadium can host 1000 persons, but it is possible to increase this number to 2000. The best stadium is also being built in Zugdidi. Many matches are going to be held in Anaklia and we might even bring the national team here to play. The void has been filled with something great. This is truly a miracle” – noted the President of Georgia.

The President of Georgia also toured the construction of the Aqua Park which is going to be completed before the beginning of the summer season. There will be water slides, cafes, and sport facilities at the modern entertainment park, which will serve visitors 24 hours per day.

“This place directly overlooks the sea and a grand hotel is being built behind it. Additionally, there is an ideal climate here for an aqua park – a very small amount of humidity coupled with a river and mountain climate combined. This part of Ganmukhuri has acquired a significant meaning. A large hotel is being built here and very soon the construction of a second one will begin. Anaklia will be one of the best resorts in Europe” – he noted.

The President of Georgia also expressed interest in other Anaklia and Ganmukhuri ongoing projects and visited the Anaklia-Ganmukhuri connecting bridge that was built recently.

“A yacht club will be constructed here; dancing fountains will also be built, which can be seen from all of the hotels, bridges and restaurants. This place will soon have a second restaurant with unique architecture. It will revive and it will have many visitors. This is a result of private investments and assisting businesses. If not for the new facilities nothing would be here. The construction of this bridge was a stimulus for everyone to build hotels and restaurants around it” – stated Mikheil Saakashvili.

5 new hotels are being built in Anaklia along with other things. In ten months a 13 story hotel, “Anaklia”, will be built as well as an equivalent of hotel “Apkhazeti” in Sokhumi. Cafes and restaurants are under construction at the coastline along with a moving restaurant. A Yacht Club is being built near the Ganmukhuri-Anaklia Bridge, where everybody will be able to use sail boats. The coastline will also be well accommodated. Poti-Anaklia road construction is underway as well.

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