Mikheil Saakashvili: “We are an advancing society with a great sense of dignity”

I welcome everyone.

First of all, I would like to note that the working process continues after the holiday breaks.

We have no time to loose in Georgia. Because of this, the Government has not stopped working a single day.

The Marneuli Medical Center has already opened and received a patient. We have more hospitals to open.

I want all of us to understand how important these hospitals are for me, as this is the embodiment of the idea of equality.

A while ago a person had to go from Marneuli to Tbilisi for treatment. It is true that they had a hospital here as well, but of very low quality.

Yet, the Tbilisi hospitals did not meet modern standards either – you had to wait for the nurse, pocket money to the doctor and beg…after all of this, a person often would not get the needed treatment.

I am not only observing the hospital here.

We are opening a new supermarket at the main square today, also we will visit the newly opened police building; a beautiful Public Service Hall is being built as well. The other day, we opened a gym, a sport centre and a sports arena.

Let’s say that the majority of Georgians imagine Marneuli as distant, third class, and a miserable place – This was the case in my childhood.

Marneuli is becoming one of the most beautiful places in Georgia today.

It is the result of the Rose revolution, of our joint work, that there is no second class citizens or places in Georgia anymore – every place, every ethnic group, representative of every confession is equal in Georgia, as we all together make up this country.

This is the place where we will raise our children in the best conditions.

The country is still struggling, but despite this, we should have the best schools and hospitals, the roads must be paved everywhere, buildings must be built better than those in the Netherlands or the U.S.

We have lost a lot of time.

My dear friends, no matter who says what, we will never go back to the old system, especially because nothing good happened back then.

The old system was associated with poverty, inequality, forceful payment, bribery, and money extortion: it was a system that divided parts of Georgia into first and second class regions.

Only billionaires and millionaires would go for treatment in these kind of hospitals before. We are neither billionaires nor millionaires, but we have dignity and we need the best healthcare system, the best education and a better life.

We will create this kind of life; all of us together.

Thank you very much for encouraging us. We are working for you every day.

Because the Government cares about people, serves people, has eradicated corruption, our country has great respect, yet I do not think about what others say at all.

The representatives of the state apparatus and of every public service are analyzing everyday what they have done for people on that specific day – what have they done for residents of Tbilisi, Bolnisi, Marneuli, Chkhorotsku and representatives of every other part.

This has already been established and no one can take us back to the past.

We are an advancing society with a great sense of dignity. We are a society and this is very important. 

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