The President of Georgia opened a new hospital in Chakvi

The President of Georgia opened a new modern hospital in Chakvi within the scope of the hospital development program. Mikheil Saakashvili toured the new hospital along with Andria Urushadze and Kyrgyz journalists. He also spoke with the medical personnel at the clinic and expressed interest in the hospital conditions. According to the President’s statement, the process of building new hospitals in Georgia is a result of reforms in terms of fighting corruption. Accordingly, the country already has resources to keep developing in this direction.

The President also noted that the incubators for prematurely born babies are installed in all of the newly opened hospitals. This technology was present in only a few hospitals in the country 2 years ago.

“We had two incubators at the Gudushauri clinic for babies born prematurely and they were not accessible to everyone. There were huge lines in order to use this technology and everything was happening through connections. But now, every region has this technology and nobody is surprised anymore. The member states of the EU, for example some of the Eastern European states, have a higher standard of living but when their citizens arrive in Georgia they are surprised that 150 hospitals are being built simultaneously here because these countries hardly ever find means to build even a few hospitals at the same time. The construction is going on based on investments which are only possible because of the fact that there is no corruption in Georgia. This is something that we need to watch very carefully. Generally, a government either makes money or builds such hospitals. Some people expand their pockets or schools and roads are built – this is exactly our alternative. I consider these hospitals one of the most important historical breakthroughs in terms of the results of our reforms and we have to complete this business to the very end” – stated the President of Georgia.

The Chakvi regional hospital was built by the insurance company “Imedi L” and is designed for pre-hospital and hospital care. The 20 bed clinic which has therapeutic, gynecological, surgery, and other departments, is equipped with contemporary technology. The medical personnel consists of 75 highly qualified staff, who have been retrained at the leading clinics of Tbilisi.

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