The President of Georgia opened new medical centers in Keda and Shuakhevi

The President of Georgia opened new medical centers in Keda and Shuakhevi today, which are designed for hospital and pre-hospital care. After touring the new hospitals, the President spoke with medical personnel about the importance of medical insurance and noted that it is imperative to keep working in this direction. As he noted, it is important to complete the process of providing medical insurance to people without obstacles. The President also drew attention to the increased birth rate in Georgia and noted that this is extremely important for the country demographically.

The President of Georgia addressed the audience gathered near the Keda hospital. As the Head of State noted, Keda has become more beautiful than it was years ago and the government will keep bettering the living conditions of the people in the region. According to Mikheil Saakashvili, Georgia now has a corruption free government, which knows that it was brought to power by the people. He considers that these people supervise the government and everything has to be done according to their will. The hospitals in various regions of Georgia are being built for the people and it is important that they are accessible to everyone.

The Head of State also opened a new medical center in Shuakhevi. The President addressed the Shuakhevi population after opening the clinic and talked to them about the projects planned in the mountainous Adjara area. Mikheil Saakashvili noted that a large group of Norwegians is working in this region in order to form cascades next year, which will create more than a thousand jobs.

“We will need a lot of people in Adjara next year in order to build hydro electric power plants. People have a desire to develop and nobody will interfere with this. Our government aspires towards rehabilitation and progress. We will not stop advancing for even a day no matter what kinds of tricks the outside enemies of Georgia  or their counterparts within the country create; we will implement all of the plans and projects to the very end” – stated Mikheil Saakashvili.

The insurance company “Imedi L” built the medical centers in Keda and Shuakhevi. The hospital of Keda has 25 beds and employs 80 highly qualified specialists. The Shuakhevi medical center has 20 beds and employs 75 people. These hospitals comply with the highest standards and are equipped with contemporary technology. 

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