The President of Georgia opened the renovated building of the regional administration in Akhaltsikhe

The President of Georgia opened the renovated building of the regional administration in Akhaltsikhe today, which will be the office of the Governor’s administration, City Council, and the City hall. Mikheil Saakashvili took local teenagers on a tour of the building and expressed interest in their problems. While speaking with them, the President noted that the process of rehabilitating schools has already begun and the local sport infrastructure will also be taken care of within the scope of the program for developing the region.

The President of Georgia also addressed the audience gathered outside of the hospital and focused attention on the process of rebuilding the country. During his speech, the President introduced the projects that are going to be implemented in Akhaltsikhe to the local population. As he noted, this beautiful part of Georgia was abandoned and not taken care of for decades.

“Based on our decision, Akhaltsikhe should become one of the main centers and the main pride of Georgia, the main crown of the rehabilitation of Georgia” – stated Mikheil Saakashvili.

Everything that is being done in Georgia is being done for people, in the name of the people and for future generations.

“We have to use the experience we have gained through rehabilitating cities of Georgia in order to rebuild Akhaltsikhe. This must become the best place for you, first of all, and for the rest of Georgia. Rehabilitation of Rabat and the Fortress of Akhaltsikhe is going on, which are very important monuments from the middle ages of Georgia. People here deserve to have better living conditions and I have not forgotten what I promised you at the end of 2007. Many back then thought that this era would end without beginning. However, back then, you told me that we would rebuild our country together. We won back then and we will win in the future” – stated the President of Georgia.

Mikheil Saakashvili also noted that Georgia is experiencing more innovations in this time period than in the last 8 centuries. The President considers the fact that the new icon - “The hope of Georgia,” which the Patriarch showed him personally yesterday, has not been created accidentally in this epoch and that this is not an ordinary occurrence. According to him, despite much poverty in the country, the process of rebuilding has already begun and that similar icons were being created in the times of David and Tamar.

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