The President of Georgia awarded the Officers of MIA with Vakhtang Gorgasali I Degree Orders


Today we have gathered here in order to once again recall our brother-in-arms, Police Lieutenant Colonel Dima Kordzadze and once again recall how you managed to open terrorist act carried out against Georgia.

You have detained those, who carried out this act.

I want to thank you on the behalf of everyone, because those who dared to oppose their motherland and Georgian people, they wouldn't remain unpunished.

You have showed everyone that Georgia is a complete state that can defend itself and its children.

We are participating in huge battle. Not only abroad but within the country as well there are people who even have pretensions to be politicians, but they have no hope in people that they will support them - so they want foreign army to attach our country so that they would occupy their seats and create better life.

These people wouldn't be able to achieve anything, like those who are watching a betrayal and for whom motherland doesn't mean anything.

First of all Georgian people would never expect this - Georgia has an efficient government and in this case this is not most important - it has efficient security service, special structures of MIA, who got trained very well how to open crimes. These people turned this country secure place for its citizens.

They also learned how to respond on any aggressive elements and their local myrmidons.

Everybody who carried out this act are detained, however not every organizer is not detained - they are declared wanted by international agencies.

Time will come and they and their patrons will answer for their state sponsorship of terrorist attacks.

Today I am here to thank you all and first of all thank those people, who opened this crime. I came here to award them with our major military order - Vakhtang Gorgasali Order I degree.

It is an exceptional honor for me to familiarize you with this decree on awarding Diomide Kordzadze with Vakhtang Gorgasali Order I degree for


To award Lieutenant Colonel Diomide Kordzadze (posthumously), the Chief of Rescue and Response Training of Contingency Situations Commanding Department of Georgian MIA in Adjara Autonomous Republic for the brevity, devotion and honorably discharging his regiment duty, with Vakhtang Gorgasali Order I degree (award was handed to his spouse Rusudan Mutidze).

I would like to honor the memory of our self-sacrificing officer once again.

All of us has to honor the representatives of Police and Armed Forces and our society has to know, everyone must remember that this is the best part of our society because of a very simple reason - periodically they have to pay the highest price - sacrificing themselves.

Georgia should never forget this and those who will dare to raise a hand on the lives of these people must pay the highest price - you have provided this today.

Thank you very much.

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