Mikheil Saakashvili and Donald Trump Hold Joint Press-Conference


The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili and the President of Trump Organization Donald Trump hold joint press-conference. They discussed the details of the value of the project and the content.

Donald J.Trump

Thank you very much Michael, it is great honor to have everybody here,

Thank you new friend, partner, liaison whatever would you call, that could be a great relationship and we are going to have lot of fun and lots of success together. It is  going to be fantastic.

President Saakashvili you have been an icon through all out of the world. The job that this man has done is really unprecedented.  The United States  should be so lucky to have them.

Number one economic reformer in the world during last five years and that is by the  World Bank. Number one fighter of corruption in the world and that is by Transparency International - that is the hell of the thing, thank you for that. Number  one fighter of corruption. Number  one  easiest country to do business  in  Eastern Europe and Central Europe, that  is the World Bank. This one I am little bothered  - it is the second safest country in Europe.  Come on, we have to get with that, I am not like you, I bet for the next time you are going to be the first. That is also considered one of the safest country in the world. This is taken place over very  sure period of time.

The president has been in office  for seven years, before we became friends in the story the relationship year ago,  I would read about him. I was reading about this man,  that has done the most amazing job and we could use some of there I have to say this. I do not understand political, but we could use some of that brain power  in our great country. Believe me . So without further delay I would like to introduce one of the great leaders of the world and the man that  really unprecedented  in the world for what he has done for his country and to his country.

President Saakashvili

Thank you dear Donald, dear friends,

There is certain benchmark for every personalities or countries to  meet when they really understand that they  had some success, they have made it. I think this  is one of the moment for me personally and also for my country. Actually, the first time I met you Donald, you might not remember that but I certainly do. That was in back in early nineties, when I was fresh after Columbia University,  practicing Low here in New York.  The low firm was first at Rockefeller center,  which is a historic sight. I heard all the time our partners grumbling about  impossibility to change anything there, and then we moved out to this new building  by this great legend already Donald Trump on the avenue of  America six avenue fifty three. So, we went there and I was a junior associate and then I went to elevator whom do I see  I mean nowhere,   this is Donald Trump and you smile at me and said: "how do you like the building?" and I got so confused and I said: "well,  you are great, but maybe you want something to change and I said maybe you can add some showers." And, they were the next day actually. Then I understood the first lesson I learned this guy went out to see and then he was a fixer and he was a doer and he could make it, he could make the difference. I think that was true for  one building, then but it was  true for  the world because Donald Trump is making difference in  the world because ultimately no  modern word you say.

Institutions, countries, all these great business groups etc. several rules, regulations, agencies, but ultimately what really moves the  world,  this is a personality  and this is one of the greatest  personality you can meet  into this world, that for sure. One of the most interesting one  and the one of the most intellectual curios one, because when I came to your office  one year ago, I was struck by  depth of the analysis you had all of the world and of us, of small partner of  the world out of nowhere.   That is really amazing  and I have to tell you that is so rare. My life as well, it consists of many interesting things, but, ultimately, the  person's  life consists from such meetings  and it is one of the biggest space highlights  in my life meeting you here in New York and coming back while I said at the beginning  that is the moment when you understand  that you made it. I think  this is a moment  when not only I saw you in the elevator here, in New York,  but we will see your name  in Georgia, that is where I understand that now  we  have made it and we are making it. So thank you for that because your name stands for achievement, your personal achievements but  than once you have achieved and once you are great achiever,  then you go on somewhere, this also stands  for achievement , for  another person, another  politician, another businessman, another country. So we want  to become our country for the next of your achievement  and the next great accomplishment. Thank you for that and thank you for changing, for your business , for changing this country and for changing the world and certainly my country among them.

Donald Trump and Mikheil Saakashvili also answered to the journalists' questions. President of Trump Organization underlined that the initial cost amounts to $250 millions. Since the project is of high scales, the sum of it will increase. Mr. Trump also stated that he will visit Georgia by all means.

 "I think it is a really great start, because this is a country with amazing leadership and it shows what can happened to a country. now this  is a case when a small country which is becoming actually very powerful country economically but it shows what can happen with proper leadership.

I am dealing with one of the  great leaders of the world and  somebody that really has done  the best  job in the world. Certainly from entrepreneurial step point and taken a country in broader levels  that nobody believes . it is number one, number one , number one, it is amazing what is happening.  So, certainly, this is relationship. I have a lot of relationships with many of the leaders of the world , we are doing a lot of projects all of the world this is the one very exciting but we are doing other projects .I understand how the world works , I deal with the world. The initial cost amounts to $250 millions. Since the project is of high scales, the sum of it will increase."- Mr. Trump marked.

President of Georgia talked about the tourism potential development of Batumi and focused on the importance of the project the implementation of which starts by the investment of Trump Organization.

 "[Batumi] it is the spectacular location, it will be something very grandiose but  the whole place is becoming absolutely exclusive for the whole region I think anything closer that looks like big centers like Dubai, Singapore or some others. In the Black sea area this is a place, where Donald Trump is coming. In any ways, it is coming out of nowhere  and the point is it has so many ups and downs. One thing you learn from Donald is that, I am carefully reading his book, but I also followed his career and every time everybody said he is out, he is gone he was back with more strength and might. That is also very true about my country , every time I said I finished we came back,  so there are lots of similarities. That is why we found each other, because ultimately you have also  characters from which we have to learn. This is also the prime for all those characters. Number one,  number first project in our region from Trump so we are number one right now  destination from Trump in  our region, so it is another one of the proudest number one, we have certainly, is this one."- President of Georgia stated.

The journalists asked the questions to Mr. Donald Trump and President Saakashvili on a variety of issues. Among them was the question about whether Donald Trump will be the candidate from the Republicans Party for the next Presidential election. He claimed that he would receive the final decision in June.

President of Georgia had to answer the posed questions on Georgia-US relationship and Russia's membership in the WTO.

"USA knows that Georgia is not impeding anyway but there are outgoing issues out there and very good understandings with Americans. I do not think we are exercising and experiencing any pressure, undo  or some kind of insistence on the part of Russia. No, I think they get it, I think we have very good cooperation with this administration in those issues, I think there are fully understanding our position and we are trying to find our own way. We are ultimately interested in having regularized neighborhood, having more regularized and rule-based Russian behavior. But that is basically rule-based and those rules should be met that we are trying to achieve. Actually, I have full understanding with our American friends."- President of Georgia stated.



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