The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili addressed Georgian population in front of the Parliament building together with the European leaders

The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili

Today, the forces of occupants are near the gates of our capital.

They hoped that they would find Tbilisi broke, empty, destroyed and it would immediately surrender in front of their tanks, like it happened in different cities of Europe, like it happened in Chechnya, but this is you, my hundreds of thousand people who are resisting peacefully to the violence.

Together with us here today are six leaders of European countries and leaders of different governments.

I can say that this is the biggest worry which our enemies could see here.

On the behalf of EU, today arrived the Chairman of EU, President of France Nicolas Sarcozy. President of Ukraine Victor Yushenko, several Presidents of other European countries are here with us today.

They arrived here because we could say: today, the independence of these countries, the independence of Baltic countries is now deciding in Tbilisi, the issue of Poland's freedom is deciding here in Tbilisi, the issue of Ukraine's freedom is deciding here in Tbilisi today, together with the issue of freedom of Georgia today.

Today, the Presidency candidate John McCain stated: "Today every US citizen supports Georgia! Today we all are Georgians!"

My precious people!

Today we are holding negotiations together with the President of France Nicolas Sarcozy about cease-fire agreement.

Our guests are not only heads of leading countries, but also are members of European Parliament, different Parliament leaders came to Georgia, despite the fact that they were told - it was not safe to go to Georgia, but they are here standing with us.

Mr. President Valdas Adamkus! I am grateful for the action of your Foreign Minister, he said: "I will come to Tbilisi and stand where they are throwing bombs, just for them to know, that they are bombing a building where EU Foreign Minister is in".

I want to thank you once again, for sending such people to our country.

The Foreign Minister of Ukraine made a statement on the behalf of my friend Viktor Yushenko.

This is the President of Estonia, I want to mention that hundreds of Estonian volunteers are coming to Georgia to support us.

This is the new Europe.

This is why Georgia is the real European country.

Today, their tanks were drawn in our country, not like in some indefinite Caucasian territory, but in free European country!

European country will always defend its rights, its dignity and the territorial integrity.

God bless Georgia!

The President of Poland Lekh Kachinski

We are here to express solidarity on behalf of Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Ukraine.

We are here to fight.

Our Northern neighbor thinks that it should occupy small countries.

And we say - no!

Russia thinks that old times will return and but this time is over, forever!

All of us went through this period and we all know very well what does it mean - destroy human souls, dominancy of foreign language. But together we are united and we respond together on everything.

We are here because all countries have to express on and the same opinion.

When they heard that the Presidents were coming to Georgia, everyone thought they would threaten us, but we are not afraid of anything.

I can tell you the Central Europe has very strong Presidents, everyone will know that we are very strong people.

Russia could perform aggression on every country after Georgia, among them Poland.

We have the common values and this is why we have to stand together.

Here are representatives of four NATO countries, Ukraine will also be among us soon.

The Presidents of four NATO countries are here, soon 27 countries will be NATO members.

I believe that Europe will soon understand that we are securing right of freedom.

Europe will understand that it has interests in this region as well. Europe will understand that Russian imperia will be destroyed without Georgia.

This is the interest of all of us and this is why we are here!

The president of Ukraine Viktor Yushenko

My dear Georgian nation!

Today we flew several thousand kilometers because we wanted very much to be with you!

We knew we must be here today.

Here we are today to tell you, that Georgia is our friend, and Georgians our friends.

Today when Georgia has such a difficult period, we are proud that you have right to be free and independent. We flew several thousand kilometers to express solidarity to the strongest nation - to the Georgians. Our hearts belong to you, my dear Georgian friends. Time will pass and we will evaluate this very difficult times. Georgian nation went through this time heroically. Freedom is worth of it. We have to rememebre, that Georgians are worth of freedom. We are here to once again confirm that your sovereignty and territorial integrity are our values. You will never be alone. Thank you for having Ukrainian flags here. This tells us once again that there are millions of us. I want to finish my speech with following words - Georgia is free and will always be free! God bless you and your victory!

The President of Lithuania Valdam Adamkus

0y dear friends! I came here to express our solidarity! I greet you all on the behalf of my free nation. You are not alone. Let's stand together, let's be united and the victory will be on our side!

The President of Estonia Tomas Ilves

I came here from Estonia. Today, everyone who believes in democracy and freedom, says „I am georgian". We are demonstrating our solidarity now, this is why we are here. If someone's freedom and democracy is under the threat now, it is not impossible that ours will also be threatened once. European countries believe in democracy, if you do not believe in these values, you are not a member of Europe. We are standing beside you and support you. Now I want to address you with the same slogan, when Estonians were fighting with fashists - „They wont be able to do it!"

The Prime-Minister of Latvia Evars Godmans

I came here from Latvia and I want to tell you that every Latvian stands beside you. Every country now is facing hard and decisive days. I want to say no matter how big is the military force of the enemy - people finally have the victory.

Stay together, united and all of us - Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians and Polish people will always be with you! God bless you and your country!

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