The President of Georgia awarded the leader of the Akhalkalaki and Kumurdo dioceses with the Presidential Order of Excellence


The President of Georgia visited Akhkalkalaki and Kemurdo today. Mikheil Saakshvili awarded the leader of the Akhalkalaki and Kumurdo dioceses, Metropolitan Bishop Nikoloz, with the Presidential Order of Excellence for his contribution in the Javakheti Region. Mikheil Saakashvili also addressed the parish of the church and spoke to them about the merits of Bishop Nikoloz. The Head of State focused attention on his divine education. As the President stated, Bishop Nikoloz contributed to approximation of various ethnic groups.

“First of all, the Bishop is occupied by educating here, strengthening faith and friendship between various ethnic groups. He has a lot of merit before the local ethnic Georgians and Armenians. During all this time the Bishop has been preaching brotherhood, friendship and equality among all of the ethnic groups. He preaches that Georgia belongs equally to all ethnic groups. Georgia is truly a country where representatives of all ethnic groups will live equally. Without your idealism, and idealism of the persons who are teaching at the local facilities it would be impossible to improve the situation here in the recent years. All of us were able to achieve this but especially you! You were also here when state institutions were very weak and you replaced the work of these institutions. I would like to award you with this Presidential Order of Excellence on behalf of the Georgian State and once again thank you” – stated the President of Georgia.

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