The President of Georgia met with the members of Youth Parliament

The President of Georgia met with members of Youth Parliament and addressed them. Mikheil Saakashvili spoke about the recent developments in Georgia and current events. According to the Head of State, the top priority of the new Government should be developing past achievements, continuing the European integration course, and respecting state institutions.

The President once again noted that he is ready to work with the new Government in this direction and share his experience. As Mikheil Saakashvili stated, Georgia is now given a chance to transform into a democratic country and each one of us must use this chance.

“The recent Parliamentary election was followed by the first smooth and constitutional transfer of power in our recent history as an independent nation.

We have shown to ourselves and to the world that we have built a democratic system in which new majorities can be elected and a new Government can come to power not through coups, manipulations or even revolutions, but through elections and due constitutional process, in the framework of our institutions and not against it.

This is an amazing opportunity to root democracy forever in the genes of our nation, to overcome the violent rhetoric that characterized our political scene for too long, and to make huge steps forwards in our European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

This is an amazing opportunity to build on previous achievements in order to make our path towards peace, prosperity and security irreversible.

I spoke about it with the Prime Minister and I have sent the message to the Government: I am ready to help the new majority in order to succeed on this path.

Because we are all Georgians and we all want Georgia to succeed, because we should all want Georgia to become a normal European democracy reintegrated in the family of free nations it should never have been separated from.

This offer for help and support is more valid than ever and I do hope that the new Government will work to build on our previous achievements rather than to destroy them, focus on our Euro-Atlantic progress rather than putting emphasis on short-term local gains and deliver on the positive promises of their successful electoral campaign rather than let the thirst for revenge direct their actions.” – stated the President of Georgia, who also focused attention on the issue of recent arrests of high officials, and noted that this process has caused worries in the population of Georgia and friends and allies in the West.

“But I have to share my concerns about some recent developments in our country. A wave of arrests has taken place in a manner that rose legitimate worries among big parts of our population, and among our friends and allies in the West. What is now happening at the Ministry of Defense, of course, harms our armed forces. There should not be such rhetoric every day because when you are administering such propaganda you won’t find a soldier who will be ready to defend your country. Additionally, the massive arrest within the police harms the body our security is based on.” – added Mikheil Saakashvili. At the end of the meeting, the Head of State once again called on the new Government to cooperate within the scope of the country’s interests.

“I am calling on everybody in Georgia and especially on the new majority: our beloved country needs focus on its social problems, on its European future and on ways to always improve it, it does not need bitterness, revenge or hatred of the past.

The recent transfer of power has shown that institutions stand above political parties, economic interests or social groups, and not under them: they belong to all Georgians and they are here to protect them, all of them, whatever their political affiliations, their religious or their ethnic appurtenances might be. They should not be used for short term political gains, at the detriment of the long term interest of our State and our people.

Our institutions shall not be used for selective justice or private ambitions.

So many things remain to be done for our population and our country and so many steps remain to be made in order to definitely anchor our nation in the European family of peaceful, prosperous and free nations: do not let anger and bitterness connected to the past once again obstruct our path towards the future. Georgia has unfortunately known several times in history periods where this focus on the past and this thirst for short term gains has obliterated our common vision for its future. This is never a good way to go for a country.


As President, I handed over most of the executive powers to the new Government and I define my role as a grantor of the institutions we have created. This is therefore my responsibility to call on the Government to abide by the common rules and to respect the constitution.

This is a crucial moment for our nation. Let us not spoil the opportunities created by the recent transfer of power, let us build together, let us cooperate and let us shape a brighter future for all of us, the citizens of this marvelous nation.” – noted Mikheil Saakashvili.

After the end of the President’s address the young parliamentarians gave him an award of gratitude. The meeting was attended by 230 young parliamentarians from every region of Georgia. The project “Youth Parliament” is functional in every region with the initiative of the President of Georgia. 2,500 young persons are involved in the project across the country.




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