The President of Georgia made a statement regarding the ongoing events in Guria

The President of Georgia made a statement regarding the ongoing events in the Nigvziani Village of the Guria Region and called on the government to take measures in order to alleviate the situation. According to the Head of State, the tension which arose because the locals are not allowing the Muslim eco migrants brought from Adjara to pray, and the whole situation has an artificial nature. According to him, the law enforcement officials should do everything in order to not let such a thing happen again in the country and to retain civil order.

“I want to say the following regarding the events that have been taking place in Guria in recent days: Georgia is a multi-ethnic, multi confession country where representatives of various ethnic and denominational groups have existed in conformity for centuries. Very peaceful and good people live in Guria and it seems to me that all kinds of tension have an artificial nature there, and they are even provoked. Similar facts of tension have not happened practically in the last 9 years. I am sure that it is in the interest of our government to retain civil order and life of our citizens in conformity. It is overly important that our law enforcement agencies do not lose control of the situation because based on our recent history such things have a potential to be very dangerous in a place like Georgia. I want to call on representatives of our government to arrive on site and do everything to completely alleviate the situation and avoid such incidents in the future. I am confident that we will keep developing Georgia by joint actions, retain civil order, and not allow anyone to create similar problems for our society in the future” – stated the President of Georgia.


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