The President of Georgia assessed the results of meetings in Brussels with the leaders of the European Union

Mikheil Saakashvili focused attention on the importance of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement and visa free travel.

“A very important issue is being decided for Georgia in terms of our relationship with the EU. This is an important and historic moment for our people. I am sure that we will get a free trade agreement with Europe within the next 16-18 months, which means that tens of thousands of new jobs will appear in both places, especially in terms of exports. This is why free trade with Europe is an important issue for our economy and for the prosperity of each Georgian” – noted Mikheil Saakashvili.

The Head of State also touched on the visa free travel with Europe and noted that intensive negotiations are going on regarding this issue.

“Visa free travel is also a topic of everyday consultation and we have discussed it during the today’s meeting as well. Georgia should have a visa free travel with Europe. Each citizen of Georgia must be able to cross over to the European Union territory with an ordinary passport. We are working actively to address these two issues. This is happening when on one hand, Georgia’s integration in Europe is an irreversible issue, and on the other hand, despicable attempts are taking place to buy the votes of our citizens with money brought from one country, which is absolutely disrespectful of our people’s voting privileges. Not only this is unacceptable, this is uncivilized by the European criteria” –noted the Head of State, who also spoke about the new initiative on which the government has been working actively for months.

“We should be oriented on a positive program in terms of Europe. Within the next few days, the Government is going to announce a program covering the next few months and years. Aside from political and economic directions a large part of the program is oriented on relations with Europe…This is why it was important for me to visit Brussels and hold meetings before announcing this program. I repeat once again that we will present a new government program before the Georgian people within the next few days” – stated Mikheil Saakashvili. 

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