Mikheil Saakashvili: “The leader of the largest country in the world stated yesterday that he likes Georgian reforms, but they cannot implement them”

During the 6th International Olympiad of young scientists and inventors Mikheil Saakashvili touched on the statement of Dmitry Medvedev about Georgia and noted that despite all the attempts and provocations, nobody will be able to return our country to the past. According to him, those who want to come back to government won’t be able to do so because the attitude of the Georgian society and its demands are no longer compatible with the old mentality.

“The leader of the largest country in the world, by territory, stated yesterday that he likes Georgian reforms but they cannot implement them. He named various reasons why they cannot implement Georgian reforms – the size of the country, population, and etc. As much as he tried to humiliate Georgia, he ended up doing exactly the opposite – Georgia has achieved an incredible thing, but they cannot do it. They cannot do it not because they are a large country, but because their political elite are left in the old system – they have an old mentality. However, Georgia has achieved this, because it has completely changed the mentality of its political class and elite. The attitude of the society has fundamentally changed in Georgia and it is no longer a post soviet country. We left the CIS not only in the form of an organization, but we left the post soviet influence of culture, education, including scientific, political, and mental influence. This is the main achievement of Georgia. The people, who have an old mentality, will never regain the support of the society. The society won’t follow them because they are on a very low level. This is the difference; this is why Georgia was able to achieve it; this is why it is possible to build on this success and the foundation of Georgia created by us; build on a completely new state system, with a new mentality, which is non-corrupt and distinguished by the fastest bureaucratic procedures in the world; has a very low crime rate… Georgia has become the safest country in Europe, and the Georgian people have ended up being very hard working despite the fact that conquerors always claimed and created a stereotype that Georgians were lazy and couldn’t achieve anything” –stated the Head of State.

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