The President of Georgia opened a multi-profile medical center in Gurjaani

The President of Georgia opened a multi-profile medical center in Gurjaani today, which was built within the scope of the hospital sector development program by the insurance company “GPI Holding.” Mikheil Saakashvili spoke with the medical personnel and expressed interest in the hospital conditions.  As he noted, getting medical care in the best conditions is accessible for representatives of any social group in Georgia.

The President also addressed the local residents and familiarized them with planned projects. The President stated that the main idea is of equality and every region and every person has to be able to enjoy equal rights, including in terms of getting healthcare and education. According to him, it is only possible to achieve this in a non-corrupt environment. Mikheil Saakashvili also spoke about the development of agriculture and employment and noted that the government will do everything to achieve the set goals.

Later today, the President of Georgia decorated a doctor of medical science, Academician Shota Gamkrelidze, with the Presidential Order of Excellence for his extensive work and special contribution in the psychiatry sphere. Mikheil Saakashvili thanked the merited doctor for the fact that he continues actively working in the medical sphere and mentoring the youth and wished him luck in the future.

The insurance company “GPI Holding” invested 8 million GEL in the construction of the new medical center. The hospital has 70 beds and it is equipped with ultramodern technology. The patients can get all types of medical care at the new medical center, which has 200 qualified retrained specialists.

The Minister of Health, Labor, and Social Services accompanied the President at the Gurjaani medical center.

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