Mikheil Saakashvili addressed the population at the Ozurgeti Center

I wish to see you just as delighted as I am today, to see your shinning eyes, your enthusiasm, terrific optimism, terrific support and hospitality.

First of all, I have to tell you that this hospital is not just a hospital, but a dream come true.

If anything good happened in the past decades or especially during the recent past it was happening somewhere else and one would have to watch it on TV, but it anything bad happened it was happening here and was not even shown on TV. Guria deserves unimaginable goodness, mainly because the best people live here.

There are exceptionally skilled people living here that I have seen, exceptional not only among those that live in Georgia but around the world.

Guria has everything – the sea and mesmerizing mountains too, I have been there recently and can confirm that Guria has a wonderful climate.

Although it is true that the region has a scarcity of land, the land that is here is the best.

Most importantly, Guria has you and these children.

We said that we would focus on reconstruction of Kakheti in Eastern Georgia next year, while this year will be the year of Guria.

All of us together have to fully put Guria on its feet in 2012.

We are founding a presidential fund of the resurgence of Guria, which will be lead by Ramaz Nikolaishvili, yet I will personally lead everything together with Ramaz.

Our objective is to do away with the bad roads. The roads that are here today will be left in the past once and for all.

There should not be a single family left without natural gas, heating and electricity by next year.

 Every house has to be heated, illuminated and countered. All of this work has to be completed this year.

There should not be a village left where the installation of water systems will not have started.

We will take this job to the end in Ozurgeti as well, and all of Guria will have a modern system of water supply.

Similarly, there should not be a single socially unprotected family left which will not have a healthcare package and social assistance. The state should support everyone that is in need.

It is also an important for me that we talk not only about the miracle of Batumi and Anaklia, but for it to be complemented with an even better Ureki shore.

Ureki is a special place, but no one has taken care of it for very long time.

All of it will be crowned by what we will have in the coming spring – I invite everyone to Bakhmaro by August.

It will not be an ordinary Bakhmaro – it will be the most dazzling mountain resort of Georgia this summer.    

Friends, many things have been done here – we defeated crime and the lack of electricity, started to repair roads, but the main thing is ahead.

I felt that much more had to be done by now and there is still much to do.

Hence, if Ramaz Nikolaishvili would dedicate 20 percent of his energy to Guria and 80 percent to the rest of Georgia, he should dedicate 80 percent to Guria now. The 20 percent of his energy that he will dedicate to the rest of Georgia will be enough to carry out all of the plans that are being undertaken across the country.

We should direct all our resources, the capital of the partnership fund, towards the implementation of the programs in the spheres of agriculture, education and sports.

The unrepaired stadiums and schools should not be left here anymore. Although it is true that gyms have been renovated and many schools repaired, but even a few of them should not be left undone.

In a nutshell, people should live in accordance with the highest standards here.

I will not lie to you – we might not have such a high lifestyle and income that is in Europe, (few years will not even be sufficient for this) but we already have the hospitals, similar to which I have not seen even in Netherlands.

Besides this, we will have such schools, roads, water systems as they have in the developed European countries.

May god give you health, but these hospitals are being built so that you do not have to go to Tbilisi for treatment, do not have to seek shelter with relatives and family members, do not have to give your last penny to doctors, nurses and hospital attendants. 

 Many of you will have insurance.

Foreigners do not come here for treatment and of course, this highest standard clinic which we have built recently is for you.

We need to have the best education system as well.

You have such teachers here that if we even slightly give them a hand, they will give our children the best education in the world.

We need to give them an opportunity to raise their qualification and salaries, allow them pass the exams, have them become certified and you will see how much the level of education will increase.

My friends, this is one special region of Georgia, which has everything and needs– a much better life.

We will create all the conditions here for life to become much better.

We will overcome the poverty and start to become rich. I am convinced in this.

Let us take hold of this special region of Georgia and see Guria stand on its feet.  

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