The President of Georgia addressed the population gathered at the event of launching the construction of the training center in Gldani


I visited this place together with Dimitry Shashkin and several other members of the government a few days ago at 4 am and looked around here. We decided to build this new central part for Gldani at that very moment. One of largest technical training centers will be built here, where people of all ages will be able to receive professional training.

There will also be a modern sport complex with a swimming pool here, which will be much better than the ones that have been built so far in Vake or other central districts of the city.

Everything should be of the highest level here – Such is our decision.

I would like to tell you that for me there are no unprivileged regions across the whole of Georgia, there is no unprivileged district in Tbilisi, just as there are no unprivileged micro districts, people, families…Whereas the ideology of the previous government was based on the idea that there are privileged people and then all the others.

I remember our family received an apartment in Mukhiani in the 80s. We could hardly found this place, because nothing was around it, let alone having the installation of electricity and water lacking in the residential apartment; we thought that life had ended for us.  

Certainly, everything has changed since then.

It is precisely Gldani that is developing the most dynamically among the districts of Tbilisi. Yet it was not only to our government’s credit. Of course, we built roads, resolved the problems of electricity, countering and gasification, but the residents of Gldani resolved the core issues themselves.

A lot of them have started small businesses, created their own small jobs, through which they helped their families and employed perhaps 10, or even more of the people around them.

This is a historic district for Georgia – There was a whole cohort of public figures here, starting from Kula Granel and finishing with Shalva Nutsubidze.

It turns out that the ones who moved from Tbilisi Center to Gldani traditionally were part of the intelligentsia, which were not among the privileged. The specialists would come to live here, who did things no one else could do; the refugees would settle here because apartments are the least expensive here. In other words, here settled people who despite losing everything had an outstanding willingness and skill to build and start life over again. 

Gldani had always remained a district integrated into one fist, where people stand by each other during hardships, where the sense of solidarity towards each other is developed more firmly than in any other urban center.

The people residing here have an exact vision of what is it like living here and what kind of future this district should have…

Exactly because of this, with your permission, I would like to take part in the creation of your future.

The focus is on the reconstruction of the whole capital now.

Look how the center of Tbilisi has been transformed.

In no other stages of Georgian history has there been construction of such a scale, which has been carried out during these 5 years.  

No one can doubt what we have made possible in these years.

We need to build more in the next two years than what we have in the previous 5 years, as it is our obligation. We have no other chance, as otherwise we cannot overcome those problems and challenges that Georgia is faced with today. A great job has been done regarding Aghmashenebeli Avenue, Vake, Saburtalo, Rike, Ortachala and the central districts of Tbilisi; everything is being done beautifully, but here the life thrives and also here are the main problems.

The highest rate of unemployment is still here. The sense of lack of perspective among certain circles of the society, including unfortunately, amongst the youth remain here the most.

That is why I thought of doing something which would improve the situation. You know that we built an entertainment park here several years ago – it was a drop in the ocean, but it had delighted us then too.

The Gldani Lake has also been renovated, which will become even prettier soon.

A new road will also be built, including the one around the Tbilisi Sea surround, which is very important for certain directions.

Now, we will create a center, which will be the symbol of how we should prepare for the labor market so that we get rid of unemployment and lack of prospect once and for all.

The main problem for us today is not only the shortage of jobs, but the fact that for the existing jobs in certain fields we lack even the minimal qualifications.

It is not our fault. It is the result of 10-15 years of inactivity and that we do not have knowledge anymore.

For this reason we are creating this center.

The construction of this center has started today, which will be completed in May at the latest. This center should start functioning from June and thousands of Gldani residents, as well as representatives of surrounding districts should start coming here.

The construction of the pool should end before spring, where people of all ages will go.

This place should change towards summer so that you will not  recognize the place, where you were born, grown up and live.

If this district overcomes poverty, the rest of Georgia will be able to do this as well.

You and the suburbs of Tbilisi in full are the driving force of progress today.  The word “suburb” was a synonym of a kind of distant and uncomfortable thing for me in childhood. Whereas, in all developed countries, one of the main criteria of development is the advantage of suburbs with relation to the center.  Our suburbs should not be less developed than the city centers, while in the future they will be even better. The time will come, when everyone will come to work and live here.

I will personally lead the functioning of this and all other centers, which will be built in other districts as well. I have said this a few days ago too and I certainly was not joking. Of course, it will have a director and all of the necessary personnel as well, but I want to create a standard for all other centers on the basis of this center.  The professional training of people is very important for me. It is very important for us to acquire all the professions and update all our professional skills, which we use to have.

The problem is not only unemployment. The problem is that a lot of us have given up, are not looking for jobs and have gotten used to the lack of prospect.

This truly is a tragedy, but it is possible to rectify and change this situation. If we create new standards, I am sure we will leave all the bad in the past as a very bad dream once and for all.

That is why, it is only a beginning.

We are planning to do the same in Vazis Ubani, Varketili, Samgori district, Gldani-Nadzaladevi district and other urban centers of Georgia. However, construction would always start here and the standards have to be created here as well. I am convinced that we will make all of this possible together.

My friends, I greatly thank you once again for finding time to meet me.

This year is the year of reconstruction of Georgia. No matter who says what, no matter how they insult and criticize us we will take the ongoing process to the end.

It is better if others criticize us and we do the job. Some say that the water is dripping; the façade is falling off, some dislike out architecture, but was it better when nothing was done and there was complete inactivity? Someone might dislike the glass building, but I do not think that the ruins were better. That is precisely why this center is a hope for me.

If they dislike the architecture of this center, it will not be important. The main thing is that we had a plan for the building in days since the decision to build was made.

They might even start saying that we are doing everything hurriedly, but we have lost so much time that we have to do everything swiftly now.

I know well that I cannot win everyone’s hearts. The only thing they do is criticize us, because they do nothing themselves.

While we want to do everything swiftly in order to give a hand, support and help those who want to do the job, to overcome poverty and the feeling of a lack of prospects.

What is being done here today is an integral part of our hope, our dream.

We have all the conditions for a good beginning to be crowned properly and very swiftly.

Thank you.          

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