Address by Mikheil Saakashvili at the reception held in the name of the newly-elected President of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan

Today is a wonderful day.

Bishkek has welcomed us warmly. We have been feeling incredible warmth and hospitality from the Kirgiz people since the very moment of our arrival.

The President’s inaugural address was overly impressive.

Today certainly is a historic day and not only for Kyrgyzstan, but also for this region and the entire post soviet space.

I believe that Mrs. Rosa Otunbaeva has played a historic role in all of this.

I have known her since the 90’s – back then I was a student at Columbia University and she indeed had been an exemplary person for us. In New-York not only she has been an Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan, but she was one of those fighters, who had been advocating for the protection of human rights on an international scale. 

Nothing disappears without a trace. All of this yielded results here after the April Revolution.

I am well aware of how much responsibility a president has.

I can remember perfectly my own inauguration. Time flies very fast, especially when you hold such a position.

You are not really sure where to start from; many impediments lie ahead of you while expectations are huge, even more so, when the power has been changed twice.

There is always a temptation to change some things with the same methods a third time as well, a fourth time, a fifth time, yet it no longer works – it is necessary to move on to something new.

I believe this is the most critical moment for your history.

However, what has struck me the most yesterday, as well as today is the euphoria caused by the sense of freedom, which can be felt everywhere.

A terrific feeling of anticipation of change is evident, which is visible among all the people and particularly among the youth. They have an expectation that some fundamentally good thing is about to happen.

I am convinced that the governance of the country is in safe hands; it is precisely in the hands of a President and a team, which should have a hold of it. 

The right precedent has been established and this truly is a historic event for this region and the world as a whole.

These people deserve all of the best.

The authorities should serve the interests of the people and hence must achieve great success in this job.

I believe this is a very good example for every leader and from now on this is how it is going to be.

Exactly because of this that we as well as other freedom loving nations in the large post soviet space rediscovered each other.

We were friends during the soviet times because we had to be – it was an obligation and a necessity at the same time.

When there is no obligation and people still strive towards each other – this is when the friendship and love is genuine.

This relationship will endure centuries, as the feeling is truly genuine.

It is specifically because of this we have such a terrific sense of sympathy towards the Kirgiz people and wholeheartedly wish that you achieve success and that you will be able to do everything possible.

This solidarity will also spread to the other surrounding nations.

Everyone might welcome what is happening here now, as it is an extraordinary thing for them and because they are being cautious to a certain extent. However, the majority, every person with good will does comprehend that a precedent is being established and why it is so important that you prevail. 

I wish you victory! 

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