The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili informed the government about the new initiatives and gave them special tasks

The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili met the Ministers of Education and Sciences and Sports and Youths Affairs at the President's Palace today. The governors of Samtskhe-Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli attended the meeting as well. Mikheil Saakashvili spoke with them about the issues of extensive studies of Georgian language within the region. The President received full information related to this issue from the Governors and gave them certain tasks. Aiming the stimulation of teachers Mikheil Saakashvili came with a new initiative and noted that the teachers that would go to the regions for teaching Georgian language would receive 500 GEL salaries, and those bachelors, who will have one year experience in Georgian language teaching in the regions, besides 500 GEL salaries the state will finance their Master's Degree studies.

"I have gathered you here today because of the day of Georgian language. I mostly worry about the fact that several thousands of our citizens, who live in regions where ethnic population lives, despite the events carried out in the previous years, still has no knowledge of Georgian language on such level to create their own more successful carrier in independent Georgia. Today all of us are equal and I would be very glad, if the representatives of ethnic groups would become high officials in future in Georgian government, I would be glad if their number would increase in Parliament, business, educational sphere and in other spheres as well. One of the major things that would support all of this is the adequate knowledge of Georgian language. We have spent huge resources to bring English language teachers in Georgia, among them within the regions, where live our citizens, who do not speak state language. However we shouldn't forget that state language is decisive.

Despite the fact that schools opened in Kvemo Kartli, we open Georgian schools and diverse private facilities that teach Georgian language, we have many teachers - and it is very good, there is not a sufficient level of studies there any way. For example in Javakheti we have spent several millions of dollars on the construction of road that communicates the region to Tbilisi by two or three times faster. We are constructing a huge railway, hydroelectric stations, economic and social development probably goes on faster in Georgia than anywhere else. However we couldn't give these people the major thing - knowledge of Georgian language. There is the same problem in Kvemo Kartli. On the basis of negotiations held with Dimitri Shashkin I want to give you special tasks: first of all lets focus on the following - before the end of next year, 30 percent of subjects should be taught in Georgian language in all none-Georgian language schools. It means that math, chemistry, biology, geography, history - the major part of these subjects has to be taught in Georgian and Azerbaijani, Armenian and Georgian, Russian and Georgian, Ossetian and Georgian.

Second thing - if the bachelors, who want to continue their studies and obtain Masters Degree they would receive 500 GEL salary and besides this the state would finance their studies at masters, if they would teach Georgian language within the regions. It means that the youngsters would find jobs and at the same time the state would finance their studies. This creates certain stimulus - besides the fact that doctorates would have salaries together with the competitors and would be given credits for teaching in Marneuli, Ninotsminda, Akhalkalaki or Bolnisi regions. All local teachers, who will teach the subjects on two languages, for example would teach math on Georgian and Azerbaijani, would receive 200 GEL additional salary. These teachers would become equal to those, who gets attestation and it would be the same as passing attestation. At the same time Georgian language houses must open in every important settlements - where the people of all ages could have a chance for studying. Every person needs retraining and it is very important for his or her career.

Now about patriot's camps. It is very good that we always bring different ethnicities youngsters in camps, but this year more need to go there. At least half of the contingents have to be those, who do not speak Georgian language or speak purely. For example in Anaklia camp that would be of top-class this year  (we are adding many thins - aqua park, skate board and bicycle paths, many entertaining and computer classes), there should be Georgian language teachers and those, who would go to this paradise for the holidays every day would have Georgian language lessons. At least 2000 youngsters should go to the camps this year, ethnic Azerbaijanis and Armenians, our Georgian Azerbaijanis and Georgian Armenians.

Besides this, we are expecting guests from Ukraine, Moldova, Belorussia. This is a separate issue, but the representatives of these groups should be here. So to say this is a decisive historic moment of the consolidation of Georgian statehood and integration of people. Georgia equally belongs to the representatives of every ethnicity, but this shouldn't be only a declared politics. It is good that our Minister of Education has no Georgian surname and no one is surprised because of this, because we had people of all ethnicities in our government. All of us are Georgians and of people know that they are Georgians, but it is not reflected in their daily life - they must know that Georgian language is a path to their carrier and success. This is why I call you on to present a full program within the nearest two months. We should start acting starting from tomorrow. I task you to issue additional finances together with the government and start informational campaign in order to take care of this problem before the end of next year.

We had achieved success in regards of teaching English language. It is a miracle that 70 percent of entrants choose English language. This is a real revolution not because we do not want any other language, but because it is a language of communication all around the world. This is why every person, who resides in Georgia must know English. Inside Georgia the language of communication is Georgian and we must teach people Georgian. This is a true patriotism that serves the success of every person and the integration of every person in those conditions, when they maintain their identity and culture. These cultures, these languages, this identities is indivisible part of our multiethnic, multicultural, multi-religious country and we are very proud of it all. However there should be a bridge that will connect all of us" the President of Georgia stated during the meeting with the members of the government. 

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