The President of Georgia visited facilities under the construction in Marneuli region


The President of Georgia congratulated the population gathered in the center of Marneuli with Novruz Bayram holiday personally and addressed them on their mother tongue and later on Georgian language. The President promised the population to fulfill infrastructural projects and noted that it is his personal objective and the objective of the government of Georgia to make sure that the representatives of diverse ethnic and religious groups feel themselves in Georgia as a part of one united Georgia. 

The President of Georgia awarded the former Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Georgia Ramiz Hasanov with the Order of Honor for his personal shares in the development of Georgian-Azerbaijani relations.

The President of Georgia visited the facilities that are under the construction in Marneuli region as well. In several months a new modern trading center will open in Marneuli that will be constructed by "Wissol" company. Mikheil Saakashvili got familiar with the project of center and noted that the company will put one more stone in the business of country's development by carrying out projects like this. Supermarket "Smarti", a movie theatre equipped with the most contemporary equipment and two screens, children's corner, café and shops will be located in this multifunctional complex. Minimum 100 persons will get jobs there as well.

"It is very important that the company, which has income invests in Georgia. Many countries that obtain gas and has great amount of money - takes everything abroad. This is a fuel importing company that fully invests in Georgia - in order to create more jobs and for the welfare of their citizens. The center of Marneuli needed something like this without any doubts. During millenniums nothing was done in this city and it was a symbol of the most unfortunate and unsightly place. Now step-by-step it is becoming a very beautiful place. If a person wouldn't see these changes with their own eyes still an old stereotype will appear in their mind. However this place that has a brilliant geographic location, that lays on the edge of every trade and cultural path will have sufficient economic activity as well", the President of Georgia noted.

Mikheil Saakashvili visited Georgian-Azerbaijani cultural center that is under the construction as well. Another fuel products company "Socar" is constructing this center. The center will be of European architecture standards. The President got familiar with the projects fulfillment of which "Socar" plans in the nearest future. The President visited multifunctional sport's complex as well, Azerbaijani side financed the rehabilitation of it. The complex is equipped by modern gear and it will host the tournaments of international level. As the President noted it is very important that such a complex was constructed in this region, because it will positively influence as the upbringing of future generations as well as the success of active sportsmen.

Mikheil Saakashvili got interested in the products of agriculture as well. The President visited Marneuli market and spoke with the vendors. As he said prices increase on products as well, because of the price increase on fuel all around the world, however the Georgian government does everything in order for the population to lighten this painful process.       


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