The President of Georgia met Georgian Diaspora in New York

The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili met Georgian Diaspora in New York. He stressed his attention on the importance of the role of Georgian Diaspora in foreign countries and spoke about the recent reforms carried out in our country. As he stated, despite that machine of propaganda that openly opposed Georgia, the country managed and became a model of order within the region. "The doors of Georgia are always open for you if you decide to return", Mikheil Saakashvili stated.

"During last six years, if we will not take into the consideration several months of period of war more Georgians were returning to Georgia than going abroad. Of course I mean multi ethnic Georgian society - it concerns the representatives of every nation. This is one of the things what I am proud of the most. Despite the fact that the level of living conditions is not that high in Georgia today, but for those people, who has foreign experience there are much more chances today. The positive migration balance of our country consists of two factors. One is that youth practically no longer leaves Georgia, if some go - it is very low percentage. It means that youth has all chances to achieve success in Georgia. So, the reform goes on in a right way - youth energy has freedom and is not blocked by the dams. And the second - the roads are opened for those people in Georgia who got experience in developed part of the world and who know how the modern society and economy functions. These are two major indicators that gives me great hope in the future of Georgia. This is why I say that Georgia represents the future democratic Singapore for the rest of the region. Georgia is a country that should turn into Europe's most growing economy and country according to the modernization program of 2015. This is nor a phantasy neither my slogans. This is what is possible based on those reforms that were carried out in previous years. Despite the fact that such a huge machine of propaganda works against Georgia and so much money and resources are being spent in order to abolish everything what's Georgian - among them on the international arena too. The results of this propaganda equals to zero. Several days ago the President of Kyrgyzstan visited Washington DC. She spoke in a wide range about how Kyrgyzstan learns from Georgia. Our neighbors say the same about us, the big part of Ukrainian and Moldavian governments and many more, even the representatives of Russia - a country that occupies us. Here I see how special we are. I used to say that Georgian nation is an exceptional nation and is special not because has an exceptional traditions of Georgian supra (however it is good as well), not because we only dance and sing (however this is very important as well), but because we can contribute daily in modern live, in modern civilization, in modern world economy and modern political arrangement. When we have started realization of our reforms, our aim was not boasting or looking at someone from above, but creation of normal living in Georgia - of course we still have long way to go, but such a big force opposed us on the way of realization of our modest wish that our country became a creator of a new rules within the region. Those, who want our country not to be successful, want to burry these new rules as well. Absolutely unintentionally we are fulfilling this very important historic mission throughout the post Soviet region and not only for this region, because after the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia great number of people express their will to come to Georgia and learn our experience in regards of reforms. We have created something that is absolutely unique and we must finish our job to the final end", Mikheil Saakashvili stated.  

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