President of Georgia Surveyed Ongoing Building Works in Kutaisi

President of Georgia attended laying of foundation of Government House in Kutaisi. He said that the Government will not move to Kutaisi, but a representative of the government will always be there. Mikheil Saakashvili claimed that the Government House will be as beautiful and modern as Georgia's Parliament building in Kutaisi. Building the Government House will be finished in November, next year. The President also stated with satisfaction that in front of the building for Chamber of Control a very beautiful and aerial glass bridge will be built that will be used for pedestrians.

President of Georgia visited to renovate Sataplia, where building of a new touristic complex was practically finished.  The reconstructed touristic path Mikheil Saakashvili passed together with the elder son Nikoloz and his mother Giuli Alasania. Several new complexes were also built in Sataplia, including an amphitheatre and a café, foot-print of a dinosaur was also covered.

"We are building not only the Government House and the Parliament building in Kutaisi, this project is not only directed towards moving several parliamentarians or ministers for working here, but also for changing the whole environment, giving the people opportunities to get employed and have a source of income.Employment may be of different kinds - e.g. those that will provide the working places, development of tourism, entrepreneurships and agriculture. For accomplishing these we need corresponding infrastructure. Kutaisi has unimaginable touristic infrastructure around in order people to open hotels and cafes, hundreds of thousands and million tourists arrive here. A while ago I was in Marrakesh. There is exactly the same nature and climate as in Kutaisi. Marrakesh is a world touristic centre and it assured me that we can create the same things in Kutaisi. Though we can do better things here, because such kind of caves is not there. There is very good food in Marrakesh, but dishes of Kutaisi are the best not only in Georgia but in Europe as well. Here hospitability is also special. We are followed by a trace of history, that is why all this needs capitalization and prevention not because to make us happy, but to bring income for our country and for each family that lives here. This is a concept of remaking Kutaisi as the second capital", - President of Georgia declared.

Rehabilitation project of Sataplia was implemented by BP and Ministry of Environmental Protection and 6 .700.000 GEL was spent on it. Mikheil Saakashvili personally expressed his gratitude to the General manager of  "BP Georgia" Nil Dan, who joined the President while visiting Sataplia.

"I am walking on the places like that every day. I also wanted to thank you publicly for what you have done. We have two excellent preparations what we have done with you. One is  Borjomi park and this park as well. Lots of other things have been done as well: hospitals, public work, everything. But these two stand in terms of preserving nature and really working for the community.  Thank you very much once again,"- Mikheil Saakashvili stated.

The complex will be entirely opened in 10 days.

Mikheil Saakashvili visited a branch of TBC bank in Kutaisi that is under construction and surveyed ongoing building works of an opera theatre.


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