Spokesperson of President of Georgia Held Traditional Briefing

During the traditional briefing the spokesperson of the President of Georgia Manana Manjgaladze stressed her attention on a new road of Tbilisi-Akhalkalaki. She noted that a new road of historic significance was opened, which gives new opportunities to Samtskhe-Javakheti, as well as to Low Kartli for social-economic development. Manana Manjgaladze in the name of President of Georgia thanked to the US government and the Millennium Development Fund for their support in implementation this draft. She claimed, a new 224 km-length highway gives the opportunity of development to our country. A new stage of revival starts for this region.

 "This is a new road which is connected to this region through passing the frontiers of Armenia and Turkey. It opens a quite new perspective in light of economic as well as touristic potential development. Building Kharsi-Akhalkalaki railway is going rapidly, which expresses more effectively those opportunities that this region owns. This draft will meet such a painful problem as unemployment. From now on each citizen of Georgia, guest or tourist will be able to arrive there, enjoy the beauty and hospitability that is so typical for Georgia. We can say audaciously, that after reconstructing the road the isolation of the region will be practically ended," - the spokesperson stated.

Manjgaladze talked about the President's three important priorities that are in touch with the development of infrastructure, touristic sector and agriculture. From this side, he stressed his attention on creation free economic zone in Kobuleti region and on construction initiated there. He underlined that Georgian government accomplished one more promise by doing this. Because of big interest the deadline for receiving applications was lasted until December 15 and only in this week several applications were added to the Ministry for Economic Affairs of Adjara.

The spokesperson also talked about the North Atlantic Alliance summit planned in Lisbon in several days. Georgian side received an official invitation yet in September. Georgian delegation will arrive in Portugal under the leadership of Mikheil Saakashvili.

 "We hope that Lisbon summit will once again approve the decision made in Bucharest that Georgia is heading successfully on its way of integration into NATO. As I already mentioned, President of Georgia will arrive in Lisbon in the upcoming days and will participate in high level meetings of the states leaders planned in the framework of NATO summit. I can confirm the information spread by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that President of Georgia has already planned bilateral meetings, including meeting with the Prime Minister of United Kingdom David Cameron. President Saakashvili will hold negotiations with the Presidents of Turkey and Czech Republic and head of the Austrian government,"- spokesperson of the President claimed.

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