President of Georgia Visited Cyclopean Foretress of Abuli

President of Georgia visited the surrounding area of Evening Lake and planted a tree. Mikheil Saakashvili stated that for next summer the essential conditions will be provided for holidays at Paravani Lake. He also claimed that the lake is the best place to rest.

 "In fact Paravani and Evening Lakes are a 1.5 hour-distance from Tbilisi. It is an unimaginably perfect place to spend a holiday, to bring children here for a day or to visit that with guests. Next summer here will be restaurants as well. This is a perfect place for sailing. Climatic conditions are also suitable, in summer there is always the sunny weather, at the same time there is fresh. Today it is the poorest region in Georgia, but a new road brings wealth, opportunities and prosperity."- The President claimed.

Mikheil Saakashvili visited cyclopean fortress situated near village Abuli, Samtskhe-Javakheti region. This is 3 500 years old and originates from the Bronze Age. The place is of great historic significance.

 "This fortress is of several thousands years old and is built with an ancient technology. This place is not studied deeply. A whole city must had been here. This is the most ancient thing that has reached up to now in Georgia. Earlier this place belonged to Turkish Empire, later it situated on the frontier and no one paid attention. Firstly, this place is unimaginably beautiful sight and it has the huge touristic potential. Secondly, here might be the biggest historic treasure. These places should be dug, here we may discover miracles. Hence, start expedition from spring,"- The President gave the task to officials after examining the fortress.

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