President of Georgia Estimates Initiated Consultations with Opposition and Majority Positively

Being in village Shamgona, Zugdidi district, President of Georgia  responded to the initiative of  speaker of the Parliament. He estimates the initiated consultations on improving election conditions between the opposition and the majority positively and claims that it is very important process.

"I want to respond to the initiative of speaker of the Parliament and the consultations organized between political parties. I consider is as very important process. At last we have studied talking without ultimatums, shouting and hysteria. Request- everything or nothing, arranging time, orientating permanently on the past and marking unclear dates will not advance us. We are people of one and the same country and we should study to sit at a table, to talk like civilized people and uppermost, we have to study listening to each other. I am not informed about details. Davit Bakradze works on it, but I think many issues are possible to be agreed upon. Particularly, the election process has to be maximally transparent.

There were some requests on abolishing the positions of  representatives from  the regions and to be only Party lists and the regions to have less members in Georgian Parliament or not at all.  I claim openly that I can't agree with that, because they want to return us to the place where there are Parties from Rustaveli Avenue. They are interested only in what happens in Rustaveli Avenue or in any TV studio. These are virtual parties which do not have an idea about the location of e.g. village Shamgona. They do not have an idea about the problems of this village, these teachers, students and family members. They know only how to speak in a beautiful manner and to appear on TV self-respected . They want to leave these people without their own representatives. Sorry, you can't do that! First of all, Georgia represents it's each region, each regional centre, each town and village, each district and micro-district. We can negotiate on any issue, but we can't make any village ,e.g. Shamgona, to lose its member in the Parliament.

I call the Parties to become more interested in people's problems and to speak to them. I know it is far, it is better to sit at home warmly or to go to a TV studio. I am also informed that there are not good roads everywhere, but we create every condition in order to speak to the people. They have to speak on the people's problems in people's language, as well as in the name of people. In this case they will reach to their goal immediately. My advice is free of charge for each political Party."- The President of Georgia clamed.

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