Mikheil Saakashvili attended the People's Festival in Adjara mountainous region



The People's Festival Shuamtoba was celebrated in Shuamta by exceptional number of people. The traditional festivities turned into a big cultural celebration for shepherds in this region. This year Beshumi population received congratulations from the President personally. The President made a special flight to mountainous Adjara to attend the planned festival.

"I am really glad that your warmth and love towards me haven't cooled down. I love you more and more and wish to be with you. I congratulate you on this day and we will be able to reach the highest village in this region moving on good roads. Every year the number of tourists in Adjara increases twice and there won't remain a single village without fulfilled promises. This government belongs to you and everything is done for you", the President of Georgia stated. European DJ Maya K attended the festival with Adjarian pheasants, the representatives of the government and tourists as well.


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