President Saakashvili visits Sports Academy

President Mikheil Saakashvili visited Sports Academy today and together with the Minister of Culture, Monuments Protection and Sport of Georgia, Giorgi Gabashvili, Chairman of Sport's Department, Davit Namgalauri and others discussed the existing problems and achievements in this sphere.

President Saakashvili said that he did not intend to meddle in the activities of the Sport's Department, though he demanded establishing order in that sphere. The President criticized the leadership of the United Professional Union, which artificially hinders development of different kinds of sport in Georgia. President Saakashvili also criticized the old leadership of the Football Federation, stressing that the new one must do its utmost to revive Georgian football.

President Saakashvili ordered the sports chiefs to rebuild playgrounds and build new stadiums, wrestling and judo rooms that will meet European standards, all over Georgia.

President Saakashvili also discussed the issue of coaches' salaries stressing that the coaches should be paid according to their qualification and that Georgia should have at least 2000 of them well paid. The minimal salary must be 250 lari.

"To me, development of sports is one of the prerequisites for the national revival," President Saakashvili said.

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