President Saakashvili welcomes Georgian MPs deported by Belarus

On March 19 President Mikheil Saakashvili met with a group of nine Georgian MPs kept in three-day detention by the Belarus special services on March 16 upon there arrival in Minsk to observe March 19 Presidential elections. Finally, the Georgian MPs were deported to Georgia. President Saakashvili congratulated them on having released and returned to Georgia. 
"A very serious thing has happened. Similar presidents no longer exist in the world except in the very lagged-behind counties. I, our country and the whole Europe where watching you, the Georgian MPs with great excitement, since the local security services, which are the successors of the soviet system's security service, were most picky on two countries - America and Georgia. It was written everywhere that America and Georgia are the ones who spoil everything in the whole Europe and post-Soviet space. Both our and America's resources are great, however, we never and nowhere strain the situation. We display solidarity to the Belarus people and we believe that only today they are beginning a real fight for freedom. Similar black forces operate in Tskhinvali, Gali, Sokhumi, Gagra, Bichvinta and Tkvarcheli also. They are trying to abuse our democratic system within Georgia by making use of exactly the same, or in most cases worse methods. For this purpose lots of money enters the country, but we are not afraid of this, because when there is freedom people with bad intentions never win. 

I would like to thank you. You have proved that there are very brave MPs in the Georgian Parliament and we should be proud of them. None of you was affected by a physiological pressure and we know this not only from you but from the Lithuanian and European observers with whom we had permanent contact. This is our joint struggle. Those forces who detained you are fighting against us on our own territory. This is a fight for freedom; this is a fight between good and evil. We will win this fight together with you. Great heroic acts are awaiting for you in the future. 

I know that the youth are singing the Georgian national anthem at a low voice every day in Gali district in order the Abkhazian and Russian peace keepers did not here them sing. I know that for sure and we will win in Gali, Abkhazia and in the whole post-Soviet space because this is our, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Latvians, joint fight for a normal human life".

Communications Office
of the President of Georgia

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