The President of Georgia Michael Saakashvili has surveyed the zone of natural disaster

Today the President of Georgia Michael Saakashvili has gone to the zone of natural disaster in the Adigeni Region. He was present at the meeting of the fire-prevention headquarters, personally talked to foreign consultants and after survey of the arisen situation observed the flaming forestland from a helicopter. Michael Saakashvili stated that all the forces were mobilized and the government of Georgia would apply all the forces to avoid a serious damage to Abastumani and the adjacent territory. According to him, the fire will be localized within the next few days. 
"The damage, which we have suffered as the result of the fire could have been even greater. Hundreds of volunteers, reservists and employees of the Ministry of Environmental Protection try to diminish the fire at risk for their life. Though Turkey has got the best fire-prevention air forces in the region. According to the resolution of our friend, The Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the best planes of Turkey will be based here for so long, while Georgia needs it. Also the British, who actively cooperate with Turkish firemen, have got a great experience concerning fire control. But still our special admiration and gratitude belong to our volunteers and reservists", the President stated. 

Besides, Michael Saakashvili made comments on the traffic accident, which had taken place in Turkey, and condoled to the families of the lost. He emphasized that the government of Georgia would take all the measures to assist the victims. According to the President of Georgia, in case, if the quantity of mobile reanimations turns out to be insufficient, the specially sent plane will transport Georgians from the Samsun Hospital to Georgia. 

"I would like to tell you, that I had information on the accident in the very first minutes after the accident. I would like to condole to the families of the diseased people. It should be emphasized that mobile reanimations were sent at receiving of the information, but we supply those, whom we can not transport because of their state of health and who wishes it, with a special plane. I have got permanent connection with the Ambassador of Georgia to Turkey, as well as with his staff. The government of Georgia will specially send this plane tomorrow evening, but if somebody decides to continue treatment in Samsun, the government of Georgia will pay all the expenses, Stated Michael Saakashvili.

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