President Saakashvili meets group of pensioners and veterans

President Mikheil Saakashvili met a group of pensioners and veterans of World War II at the Mayor's Office on November 20 and claimed that as a result of the latest development, the country had lost foreign investments worth of hundred of millions.

During the meeting the President told the pensioners that there were both good and bad days in Georgia. He said that in the last several days Georgia took a very difficult exam and managed to avoid the threat of the bloodshed and the spread of the violent waive.

"The Russian embargo badly affected us and we had lost several hundred of millions during that period, but we have survived. These days we have also lost several hundred of millions," the President said, stressing that those were the millions that had to be invested in Georgia's development, increasing of pensions, and for the well-being of every citizen.

"More employed people mean more revenue, more revenue means higher pensions," the President said during his meeting with the pensioners, adding that the nominee for Prime Minister Lado Gurgenidze had prepared a program on how to solve social problems, how to develop the economy and get people employed.

"Two months ago I said that no one must be hungry this winter. Everything is becoming more and more expensive in the world that, obviously, will affect Georgia and each of you," the President said, adding that due to this reason vouchers for electricity and natural gas had been given to people all over Georgia this year. Additionally, one sack of flour will be distributed in the villages.

Besides this, the President stated that every vulnerable family will receive the New Year presents. "I wish that on every family's New Year table there was a chicken, corn bread, cheese and other food, wine, mandarins, apples etc.," the President said.

Today President Saakashvili promised the veterans and pensioners to increase pensions, stressing that the minimum pension from December 1 will reach 55 lari, and from next year it will be increased to 76 lari.

"This pension is not also enough, but this is not a pension that would leave a pensioner below the hunger level," the President said, stressing that as soon as the government has enough resources they will increase according to merit and years of service. Besides this the President said that every veteran should have health insurance that would cover all costs. The President apologized to the pensioners and veterans and claimed that the government is doing everything it can afford today.

The President also talked about the increasing of teachers' salaries stressing that the increase was just the beginning of a wide-ranging social policy that the government was planning ahead.

Today's meeting was also attended by Tbilisi Mayor, Gigi Ugulava, who stated that those veterans of the World War II and blinds living in Tbilisi will have preferential treatment on public transport starting from December 1.

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