The President of Georgia met Gldani district population

The President of Georgia met Gldani district population and got acquainted with their problems. The major part of conversation was related to social and infrastructure issues. He spoke about employment issues as well.

"Those who are seen most often on the TV are in fact far from your problems. In Georgia there is a large group of politicians for whom talking is simply a business and people stand on the other side. Most of the politicians have turned into TV anchors, they are seen night and day on the TV screens, talking about the people, which they have not even met with; talking about hardship, which they have never experience. They misappropriate the right to speak on behalf of the people. Our audience is not TV studio, but you are. You have to struggle for your daily bread every day. This is why I have tasked the government to meet local population in Tbilisi and regions and got familiarized with their problems on site", stated the President of Georgia.

Mikheil Saakashvili was asking questions about social benefits, raising pensions and employment issues, about the economic and political situation around the country.

"Stability is a precondition for all success is stability and attacking stability will threaten our future. It is attacking on those businessmen, who think to open small enterprises or shops in regions. They are afraid and business is not developing this way", noted the President.

He was asked a question about Gldani landfill site. It was decided to solve this problem during the meeting - in September the tender will be announced and by 2010 the landfill site will be moved to Norio.

Mikheil Saakashvili stressed his attention to infrastructural issues as well. He recalled how everything was developed - park, shelter for IDPs, Gldani road. He also recalled Georgian celebrity, which is now in Lascala and has mentioned that she is from this district as well.

"When I arrived in Italy no one knew my name, but everybody new a name of one Georgian girl - Anita. She is one of the biggest celebrities in Milan. She is opening the season this year. This is a sensation, because not any single foreign students have ever had such achievement. She proudly told me during the meeting that she is resident of Gldani VIII micro region. These children can also amaze the world. Our goal is to support them as much as we can, to make sure they have good education and they are in a good physical shape", stated the President.

Mikheil Saakashvili intends to hold such meetings in other parts of Tbilisi as well.

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