President Saakashvili meets Parliamentary majority

Welcome everybody.

I would like to thank the Parliamentary majority, the Parliament Speaker who is now in the USA and could not manage to be with us, the leader of the Parliamentary majority Beso Jugheli, Mr. Gogi Liparteliani, and each of you for holding such a good and interesting session.

Last year the TV anchors, political scientists and politicians were permanently asking the question of when the Parliamentary majority would break up. It seemed that these talks were about the Parliamentary majority of one of the far-away African country and had nothing to do with Georgia, which has to solve number of problems.

Last year we proved that the strength lies in unity not in disintegration and betrayal, which happened in the Georgian history not once.

If the majority stands united and if we support each other we will achieve everything.

This is the first parliamentary majority that has managed to accomplish the so called self cleansing resulting in the absence of so called untouchable members and not protecting its members if found guilty. On the contrary they fight to the last to protect right and honest members. We are the first majority that has a moral preference, which is our biggest asset and strength.

This is the very parliamentary majority that has managed to solve the Ajarian issue.

This is the Parliamentary majority that will solve the Tskhinvali issue and I'm sure also an Abkhazian one.

Thank you very much for adopting very serious and important laws. The law on licensing is one of them. Adopting this law was associated with conflict of interests but the majority placed itself on top of it. By doing so the majority actually supported the business, which had never taken place before. By adopting this law the Parliament abolished 80 per cent of licenses and permits.

You have adopted the laws on social care, the so-called public laws. These are the laws of those people who did not have their representatives in the politics before. By adopting these laws you have become their representatives.

In connection with Ajara, regarding its constitutional status we have adopted the laws that will remain in the history of Georgia forever and each of us will be proud of it.

We have adopted a resolution on the withdrawal of Russian military bases from the Georgian territory that resulted in the actual solution of this issue.

This majority deserves all the credits for that.

I would like to add that many do not like us. We have to find a common language and come to consensus with those people in the opposition who are able to talk, express their opinions and build humane relationships.

We must give them a hand since Georgia is our common country, we have common problems and we have to get back our lost territories.

Therefore we must not be split into the opposition and the majority. We have to solve many problems.

This week we have made a decision to have the public elected Tbilisi Mayor. In September by adopting a new law on self-governance we want to foster the development of self-governance in the country.

We have also made a decision to downsize the parliament by 150 sits and adopted the regulation on electing the majority MPs.

Nino Burjanadze, the Head of the Parliamentary majority, the chairmen of the parliamentary committees and the parliamentary delegations are working very well. As a result of such a good work Georgia has an unprecedented reputation. Not only the President and some of the ministers but every member of the parliamentary majority deserves all the credits for that.

Of course we face lots of challenges, and many problems have to be solved. But if we stand united we will overcome and solve all of them.

United We Stand. We will achieve everything with unity.

I would like to thank especially those who have returned from the resorts to work and adopt these laws.

Now I think we can rest a little.

Thank you very much.

Communications Office
of the President of Georgia

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