Carpathian Declaration of the Leaders of Georgia and Ukraine

The Orange Revolution opened a new era in the history of Europe.

The people of Ukraine and Georgia have demonstrated to the world that freedom and democracy, the will of the people and free and fair elections are more powerful than any state machine, notwithstanding its strength and severity. They have demonstrated that undemocratic regimes cannot stop the realization of the people's will and the basic rights.

Despite the weather, millions of Ukrainians came onto the streets to protect their right - to choose their freedom and elect their own government. We strongly reject the idea that peaceful democratic revolutions can be triggered by artificial techniques or external interference. Quite the contrary, the revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine happened despite such political techniques or outside interference.

We appreciate the support from democratic states and organizations for the non-violent struggle of our citizens for freedom and democracy. We hope that the democratic world will continue to support our countries. We will follow the path of building a unified and democratic Europe and will further develop friendly relations with all our neighbors.

We believe that strengthening the institutions of civil society is the cornerstone for the development and economic prosperity of our countries and nations. We further believe that, freedom and democracy provide the best conditions under which all capabilities and hidden potential of any society can be realized.

We are confident, that the Revolution in Ukraine and Georgia represent the new wave of freedom in Europe, which will bring the ultimate victory of liberty and democracy throughout the European continent

Communications Office
of the President of Georgia

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