Joint Address by Presidents of Ukraine and Georgia Viktor Yushchenko and Mikheil Saakashvili to the Kyrgyz nation

We address you - a proud and freedom-loving Kyrgyz nation on behalf of all Ukrainian and Georgian people with the words of whole-hearted support and solidarity.

Millions of our fellow citizens follow daily the developments in Kyrgyzstan with dismay and compassion. Because they know well what it means to fight one's freedom, for dignity and rights.

Revolutionary events in our country showed that universal human values do exist in the world regardless of geography, nationality or religion.

These events showed that in our three countries the elections were just one of the reasons, the last straw that exacerbated patience of the people and moved it towards the uprising.

Finally, the Tulip Revolution manifested that revolutions can not be exported, they happen only where there are objective grounds in place.

We have no intention to take any sides. The Kyrgyz people are the main source of power in the country. You are only one to decide your destiny.

We just want to help you with the experience of our nations to travel in a peaceful and civilized manner this difficult road to a genuine democracy.

During the revolution in Georgia and Ukraine our compatriots were surprised at themselves and proud that they could win back their democratic rights and freedoms without a drop of blood. They heard quite often the words "The whole world is looking at you in amazement! Be worthy of this honor!"

We address you now in the same words: "The whole world is looking at you!" We are deeply convinced and hope that the Kyrgyz people, with its rich history and culture, will also manage to leave behind honorably today's difficult situation.

18 month ago people in streets of Tbilisi chanted out "Georgia is one nation!" A year later the streets of Kiev reverberated with the sound of "East and West are together!" Let the streets of Bishkek today be flooded with the slogan "North and South are together!"

Stay together. A neighbor should reach out his hand of friendship to a neighbor. We wish the police be always on the side of the people. We wish you peace, good, love and patience. Help your new government to build a democratic nation, become a strong civil society.

Ukraine and Georgia know how much has been done for the restoration of peace in Kytgyzstan by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. We support its efforts. We shall work all together to find legitimate constitutional way out of the crisis.

We are confident that the Kyrgyz people ought to make the important vote at the forthcoming elections. That vote shall be sacred and decisive.

In the meantime, we call upon you to restore trust among each other, to find ways to the all- national reconciliation. You are the only ones to do this, you are the only ones to ensure civil peace and to secure the future of your children!

We have trust in you! We shall support all you efforts in achieving this goal. Ukraine and Georgia are with you.

With deep respect and best wishes of peace from the Ukrainian and Georgian people.

Viktor Yushchenko

Mikheil Saakashvili

Communications Office
of the President of Georgia

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