Meeting between Mikheil Saakashvili and Nicolas Sarkozy was held in Paris

Mikheil Saakashvili has met with Nicolas Sarkozy in the capital of France. The two leaders discussed the issues of Georgia’s European integration and problem of territorial integrity, including the negligence of the terms of the six-point ceasefire agreement by Russia. Mikheil Saakashvili and Nicolas Sarkozy focused on their political plans and relations too. Mikheil Saakashvili also met with the members of the National Assembly.
By the end of November, prior to the EU Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius, President of Georgia will also pay visits to other European states, where he will discuss the issues concerning Georgia’s European integration.
I talked with my friend Nicolas Sarkozy for a long time. He is not only the past of France, but the future of this nation and Europe – everybody know this. That’s why this relationship is very important for me, though, conversation with Mr. Sarkozy has another meaning too – Sarkozy is one of the alive and acting symbols of Georgia’s territorial unity. When they signed a Sarkozy-Medvedev agreement with our participation, we worked tirelessly to achieve complete protection of Georgia’s territorial unity,
The problem is that if until the October of the last year the Europeans and Americans reminded the Sarkozy-Medvedev agreement in fact every week, after October 1st, for some unintelligible reasons for me, Georgian government took this agreement out of its scope and our western partners have also stopped their efforts to protect the terms of this agreement. Therefore, it will be my friendly advice and I hope they will take this, that we should remind this agreement to Russia permanently. Russia roughly violated the terms of the agreement and it violates again every day by moving the barbwires and concentrating troops, but it will have to fulfill the terms of this agreement finally anyway. We both talked today that these issues should be in our focus.
In addition, I met with the members of the National Assembly here. We are preparing for the Vilnius summit and I am going to visit several countries prior to this summit. We should get as much as possible from the point of view of Georgia’s European integration. This is one of the points, for which I’m going to use the last days of my presidency,’ president of Georgia said.

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