Open letter to Parliament

First of all, I confirm to you my respect, as to the Parliament which was elected by the people – as to representatives of the highest legislative body in the country.

You are aware that the Georgian Constitution is the supreme law of protection of which is an obligation of each citizen, first of all leading figures.

This is why it is our demand that the constitution be protected, which in its turn obligates the Head of State to address the representatives of the society and the society itself from Parliament’s platform, and on the other hand the constitution obligates the Parliament to hear what the President of Georgia has to say.

We think that we would have avoided many recent difficulties by protecting this norm.

The President of Georgia is a guarantee of protecting the constitution, and the Parliament is also responsible in executing the constitution.

Hereby, I remind you that there will be numerous statements at the Parliament regarding the fact that this hearing was supposed to be held in the nearest future.

In our turn, we express hope that the Parliament of Georgia will protect the main law of the country, and our people as well as their representatives will have a chance to hear the President of Georgia on issues of utmost importance regarding the country’s current condition.

With respect,

The President of Georgia

Mikheil Saakashvili

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