Head of the Administration of the President of Georgia made an emergency statement

Head of the Administration of the President of Georgia made an emergency statement regarding the published information that persons arrested by MIA for attempt of a terrorist act were living at the house of the President’s pilot. As Andro Barnovi stated, this is an attempt of taking the society in an untruthful direction and a deliberate provocative formulation, so that they can connect the President’s name to these horrible facts. According to him, the above mentioned person (Zaur Kortoshadze) is not the President’s private pilot. Nor he is a direct employee of the State Special Protection Service. He is a pilot of the “Tusheti” company hired by SSPS and publishing the above mentioned information aims at covering up the origins of the videos containing threats against the Georgian society and our military personnel.

According to Head of the Administration of the President, statements by representatives of the government, circling around all day, are based on the information published in the yellow press and they are blaming the Administration of the President of Georgia in the creation of the tapes published under the name of “Taliban”.

“This is a campaign of rumors, which began in the yellow press with “apparent information.” The Head of the PR Department of the Chancellery picked it up the next day; To our great surprise the following day it was repeated by the Prime Minister, and today we are seeing completely incomprehensible and irresponsible formulation. This happened in the wake of the fact when the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin came out and stated that apparently Georgian and Russian special services are going to have a very dense cooperation. I suspect this “dense cooperation” is already going on…

“MIA is obligated to have political responsibility to make formulations, which on one hand are adequate and on the other hand do not lead the society to be mistaken. They are taking a negative advantage of the trust of the society today, and doing everything to cover the opposition in mud, and personally, the President of Georgia. This is completely unacceptable” – stated the Head of the Administration, and called on the society not to get caught up with provocative statements of the government and not to let them lead anyone to mistakes.

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