National Security Council

National Security Council of Georgia (NSC) is the President’s key advisory body offering advice on National Security, Foreign Policy and Interior Policy for the country.

The National Security Council was established in 1996 by Article 99 of the Constitution of Georgia for the purpose of strengthening state defense, national security, stability and rule of law, and highest political decision making in security matters. It is regulated by the organic law on the National Security Council in Georgia.

According to the Constitution of Georgia, the National Security Council is chaired by the President of Georgia. The National Security Adviser of the President - Secretary of the National Security Council - directs its activities. The regular statutory attendees of the National Security Council are:

  • The Prime-Minister of Georgia
  • The Foreign Minister of Georgia
  • The Defense Minister of Georgia
  • The Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia
  • The Finance Minister of Georgia
  • The Secretary of the National Security Council.
  • The Speaker of Parliament participates regularly in the working of National Security Council.

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