The President of Georgia met with the mother and daughter of the doctor, Leri Lagurashvili, killed during the war with Russians


The President of Georgia met with the mother and  8 year old daughter, Anano Lagurashvili, of Leri Lagurashvili a hero that was killed during the August war in 2008 in Bobokvati today. Mikheil Saakashvili once again thanked Dali Baramidze for raising a hero son. The Head of State spoke about the importance of fallen heroes and noted: “If they hadn’t stopped the enemy Georgia would be a leveled colony”. According to Mikheil Saakshvili, if there was an award for hero mothers then he would give it to Dali Baramidze and all mothers, who have raised Georgian heroes. He stated that the society must be familiar with them so that generations are raised on hero stories.

“If there was a hero mother award it would first of all be granted to a person like you. If only it was possible to share the experience of raising a hero for his homeland - a devoted son. This is probably a talent and one must have it naturally…we must convey these heroism histories to future generations. This is the primary expression of human existence, what your son and our hero boys did. Our nation needs generations raised on such heroism examples” – stated the President of Georgia.

The chief doctor of the 21st Senaki Batallion, Captain Leri Lagurashvili was killed on August 9, 2008 during a bombing by Russian helicopters. The wounded doctor returned twice to relocate the wounded, however a Russian bomber killed him and several others were wounded in the end. Leri Lagurashvili’s spouse and his brother are still serving in the armed forces.

With the initiative of the President the Bobokvati Residence was redesigned to be a holiday house for families of such heroes and a rehabilitation sanatorium for wounded soldiers. The President of Georgia has already given out a relevant decree.

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