The President of Georgia called on everyone to respect the rule of law and state institutions

I would like to state the following regarding the recent occurrences: not so long ago, for the first time in Georgia, transfer of power took place in a peaceful, constitutional and parliamentary way.

I as a guarantor of the constitution, as the President of Georgia, I am, and I will continue to be a part of this process.

During this time period my greatest desire and hope, was and is, that we will be able to continue Georgia’s development in a format of civilized dialogue.

In its turn, holding free elections was a huge achievement of recent occurrences.

This achievement opened new prospects for us within the country and on the international arena. The time to keep promises is arriving now, and our people are waiting for it.

Many social promises were given related to free healthcare, free education, lowering interests and tariffs as well as many other spheres.

Naturally, our people are expecting that the fulfillment of these promises will begin shortly.

At the same time, I am sure that it is not our people’s desire, nor their order that everything takes place in the form of a civilized dialogue, parliamentary debates, even intense debates but within the parliamentary framework, rule of law, free judiciary, free media, and generally in conditions of freedom and development.

This is why recent occurrences are worrisome to me, because today like never before we need the rule of law, European orientation, Georgia’s development and advancement.

These are general categories which are based on specific criteria.

First of all, these criteria are establishment of the rule of law on all levels, and the respect of institutions.

Respect of institutions is respect of our armed forces.

During the pre-election campaign we were constantly hearing how they were accusing us of beginning the war, and saying that Georgia was to blame in the 2008 Russian aggression.

Unfortunately, we heard this after the elections as well, and I think the Georgian people will not accept this, nor will the international community, which knows the truth very well.

This morning we ended up having one of the heroes of this war arrested (I do not want to touch on the accusation) with other persons in conditions which are not respective of honor of an officer, honor of the armed forces, and honor of the role of the armed forces in our society.

Everyone is equal under the law, but there are frames within which the law must be enforced.

Free press, freedom of speech, our mass media, and our television channels are such institutions.

It is absolutely unacceptable to interfere in the business of a television channel in a way as was done to a public broadcaster of Georgia this morning.

The same could be said about the threats which we are hearing towards representatives of the free media.

You know that they had plans to demolish specific buildings and they called for it. Not only must we not demolish what has already been built, but we must build new and better projects.

Georgia has had more than enough ruins for decades to consider demolishing what was built in the last 9 years.

We must not ruin existing institutions –whether it was a good or a bad way that they were developing in recent years.

We have achieved very serious success in terms of their development and not only must we not ruin what we have achieved but on the contrary, we must develop them more, add new aspects, give them more freedom, respect the rule of law more, give more freedom to the judiciary, give more freedom to the mass media, deepen the relationship between the Parliament and the institution of President, between the Parliament and local self-government.

Instead of threatening these institutions and local self-government on the contrary, we must create more self-government in Georgia, so that the government is held accountable for promises given to the population. Just like the previous and current governments have acted.

This is why our country is at an important crossroads now.

You know that in recent days we were working on a diplomatic level intensively with the United States for example, in order to have progress at the NATO Ministerial in December, where we had a chance to reach important progress after the October elections in terms of NATO integration.

This is not property of any party and this issue stands above specific personalities.

It is possible for us not to like personalities, and it is natural that this is how it goes in politics. It is possible for us to disagree with each other but we must not contradict our own country.

We must not do things which harm our country. Because of this, we were working with the new government in order to express a joint position, go to the NATO Ministerial together, and together speak about the fact that instead of a government or a president, the Georgian people desire to integrate with NATO.

Of course the occurrences of today do not help us in this matter, and they can create serious obstacles. I could not possibly be happy with this. This is why, like never before, we must be able to stand above revenge, anger, personal disagreement and be able to talk to each other like human beings.

Let us disagree but we must not ruin what has already been built because of our disagreement.

I hope we can achieve this.

This is why I would like to call on everyone – the Parliamentary majority and minority – big political parties, the new government of Georgia and every participant of Georgia’s political process. Assume responsibility and keep in mind that everything that is happening touches the prospects of our homeland and our people in the short and long term future.

Hence, we must weigh and consider carefully every step that we make.

Let’s not do anything that can irreversibly harm our country, our people, and the future of our children.

I feel responsibility and I am ready to cooperate and talk with anyone who has desire to have a dialogue and advance our country.

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